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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Debate Topic Follow-up~ MUST READ-TOO FUNNY!

Due to our Florida Fellowship meeting, I am a little behind in posting this comment:

As some of you already know from a previous post, my Dad is very sad that he cannot post on my blog (because he doesn't have a blog or a google account) so he has been reading my blogs and occaisionally responds to me via email.

In my recent blog about Cats or Dogs, my dad had an opionion of his own. If any of you know me very well, you will understand, finally, where my cheesey wit comes from! Please read on:

Dogs or Cats
My prefference is Dogs, They are much more versatile. You can have plain old Dogs or you can go pure bread. Let me tell you what I mean. Everyone knows that you can put a hot dog on a piece of plain old white bread but I prefer a breed that was developed especially for a purpose such as footlongs, and if you are going to dress up your dogs you need a breed that is more hardy for sure. You can have fried dogs, boiled dogs or steamed dogs. Corn dogs, grilled dogs or mush dogs. Chili dogs, slaww dogs or Kraut dogs. Try that with your Catfish. Cat fish is always so alluff. It could really care less if you order it or not. I will admit I have been know to be nice to a blackend catfish but I was always kind of leary they might bring me bad luck. OH! wait a minute arn't you guys still doing recipes........ I'm sorry.... my bad........never mind




Anonymous said...

I'm so confused. Are you still doing the recipe each day or not? Seriously, I'm just trying out my new found "tallent" abilitty to comment to your blog and believe me, I perfectly understand why you would want me to do this as anonymous. My Dearest Kelly, You always were my relief from the grind of everyday life. No matter what else was going on I could always count on you to brighten my day with a laugh or a joke. I can't count the number of times that I would come home with some cheesey joke and tell it to the family but really you and I were the only ones that truly appreciated and enjoyed them and we would just have our gut wrenching laugh together. I truly thank God for thoes memories. I love you and I will try not to abuse my new found power to comment. If I do you can just anonymously toggle me off.
Love Dad

Dani said...

He is soooooo funny. Just plain too cute!

Kelly Spezzano said...

I love my Dad! I too thank God for those good memories, Dad. And you are welcome to comment ANYTIME! (Just don't get in trouble at work) Hee Hee!