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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Email from My Dad

I just thought my blogger friends would get a kick out of this email from my dad. I just recently sent him my blog link (I never really thought that he or mom would be interested in reading it, but I should have known better... ) :)

Kelly, I don't have time to read all this blog stuff. I have work to do you know.... But now I'm afraid I'm going to miss a recipe. And I don't think it fair that I can't comment. I wanted to tell everyone to not forget the cinnamon sugar donuts, and and and powdered sugar donuts.... and hey you never made orzo chicken for this daddy. I can't wait for appetizer.....I know what it's going to beeeeee. yummy. and Hey are you going to have a girls grill nite out? I have some great recipes for that.......Grilled onions; Steak; Woooweeee.

Love Ya,

I'll have to go over to mom and dad's soon to show dad how to set up a blog so 1). he can comment and 2). post some really good recipes!

If you are reading this dad, I love you, and love your sense of humor~ :)

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