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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Kitty Cat Foster Care

Today was a big day at the Spezzano household! Jim and I (more "I" than "Jim") are fostering Tracey the pregnant stray kitty that adopted my sister and brother-in-law as a host family. Unfortunately, Matt and Kerry were not able to handle the responsibilty involved in caring for a pregnant cat. So rather than turning her over to the SPCA, I asked Jim very sweetly if I could please foster her until the kittens were born and weened. Jim reluctantly said yes, with the following conditions:

1). He will have no part what-so-ever
2). There will be no kitty left behind (meaning, I have to find homes for each and everyone of them) :)
3). There will be no contact allowed between our cats and Tracey

So, Wednesday night after church, I prepared the laundry room (by myself) for Tracey's arrival. We keep all of our pantry food items in the laundry room, so I had to move that out and put the blankets down etc.
Today, I went to Matt and Kerry's to pick up Tracey. Kerry had placed Tracey on the back lanai to keep her from running off (like she normally does during the day time)

I should add, Abbey and Brady are very fond of Tracey kitty, Brady was just fine with Aunt Kelly taking her, but Abbey was very sad. She wanted to keep Tracey. Being the good Aunt that I am, I called Abbey this evening to let her know that Tracey is doing really well, and that she can come visit her anytime her Mommy will let her!

Kerry and I persuaded Tracey into a cat carrier by placing a bowl of food inside and she reluctantly went in after a few bites. On the way home in the car, she cried and cried- she was not used to being trapped in a carrier... Once we got home (which was only a short distance) I immediately took her into the laundry room, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible (you know, so I wouldn't alert our cats that there was an intruder). She did so well! She adjusted immediately, purrrrrrred until her little heart was content. And made herself quite cozy on the bed of towels. If you can see her well enough, you will notice, that she is actually very young herself. Kerry thinks that she is only about 2 weeks away from giving birth. It's amazing that she can be so young and yet be a soon-to-be mamma kitty!

Here she is enjoyong her first meal

Here she is getting some good luvin from me! It's amazing that she is a "stray" cat. She loves attention, she loves to be petted, she doesn't mind being picked up.

It is now 10:50pm and she is acting a little antsy in her room. We have a towel tucked up under the door so that our cats can't stick their paws under (and vice versa). She is pawing at the towel and making a little noise. Shadow and Pouncer just don't know what to think. Here Shadow is being nosey:

I hope everything turns out well. I will keep you all posted on the upcoming events and impending birth of the kittens!


Brittany said...

How precious! I am really NOT a cat person but boy I DO love kittens!

Owl of the Desert said...

That's so sweet of you to take her in. Hope it all goes well!

Dani said...

hahahahahaha, I evily pass of care of feral/stray and other cat like instances to you. Gary is much happier that you are now the crazy cat lady. haha. ;)

Kelly Spezzano said...

How could I not take her in... the SPCA would have aborted the little kittens... I just couldn't stand the thought!

strem said...

That is so kind of you, and she looks like a real sweetie! I'm sure your cats must smell her scent and vice versa, so I bet they'll continue to be very curious about each other.