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Friday, February 1, 2008

Sleeping on the Job

We recently hired a new researcher for our cabinet business. Would you believe, first day on the job, I caught him sleeping on the couch?

The real story is that our male cat, Pouncer, LOVES to sleep on the couch next to me, while Jim sits at the coffee table working. I happened to have a catelog that I was looking at and set it on his stomach just to see what he would do....he was so bothered by it... He didn't even move a muscle. I then began scrathing his belly, just the way he likes it and he just flopped his front paws up as if to say, "I surrender!" and I couldn't resist the photo opportunity!
Of course it only lasted for a few minutes, once he realized I had gotten up off the couch and was playing camera man... he had to move. And unfortunately, the images are not that good, as they were taken with our cellphone camera, but it was one of those sights that just had to be captured (and the camera was out in the truck-out of reach).
Jim and I are amazed at how laid back he is, and you could do just about anything to him and he doesn't squirm or anything...Even as I sit here typing, he is still laying underneath the catelog...Hope you enjoy the photos!

Have a BLESSED weekend!

1 comment:

Dani said...

I love your new researcher! hahahaha!

I'm really rolling here and Gary even thinks it's funny.