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Friday, March 21, 2008

Prayer Request

Dear Blogger Family,

It is a sad day for Little Union PBC as we have lost a dear sweet deacon. Brother Ray Carlton went home to be with the Lord this morning and we are all mourning the loss of this faithful soldier! Brother Ray has been ill for some time now and unable to attend church. While we are thankful that he is no longer suffering, we will greatly miss his presence.

One of my favorite stories of Brother Ray happened not too long ago. With his age, he was always having a terrible time hearing (especially sermons from the pulpit). At Little Union, we have hearing impared equipment that works like a walkman (you can put the headphone on and it amplifies the sermon- plus everything else with in ear shot). We had Elder David Gutterie visiting one weekend (for those of you who have not had the pleasure of hearing Brother David- he is very zealous and needs no microphone!). After services Brother Ray approached Jim (he handles the sound for the church meetings) and said that that was the first sermon he's heard in years! Jim and I still laugh about that today! Not only did Brother Ray not have to use the headphones, but Jim even had the microphone turned off and Brother Ray still was able to hear!

He loved the Lord, and loved the church and serving his Brothers and Sisters and was a good example for us all! Please pray for his dear wife Sister Ruth and for the rest of his family!

Thank you to all!


Jeremy Sarber said...

We'll be praying this way.

strem said...

Such a funny and touching story, and I will be praying for all of your church family. We know what it is like to lose an older member who is such an example. I am sorry that you will be missing this sweet brother.