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Monday, July 28, 2008

Troll On the Bridge

Well, as promised, I would like to share the pictures and story of our "friendly" golf game!
13 of us met at the Family Fun Center for a miniature golf adventure... and boy was it ever. Our first mistake (other than inviting Gary B) was not reading the rules that said 4 people per hole...
We started out youngest to oldest... (which was pretty painful for me as that put me 2nd to last) :( Jim, in case you weren't able to guess, was dead last! Which gave him plenty of time to take all these great photos!

There was lots of standing around....
Lots of waiting.....
And the pressure of all those eyes on you as you desperately try to sink the shot (that has taken you the maximun 7 strokes to obtain).

We even had one member of the group who really took the game of miniature golf
to a whole new level...

Of course, with the weather as it is in Florida, we had one of our afternoon storms brewin'. Kyle and Justin decided to test the theory of "Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God"

(I really like this one since Sara has such a great pose and then Kyle and Justin in the background being dorks!)

As it began to rain, those of the group who melt when they get wet decided that we need to head to the cave for safety. Obviously the cave was part of the course. This was especially fun, as each person putted the rest of us hiding in the cave had to jump to dodge the incoming golf balls. (trust me it was more fun than it sounds)

The storm lasted long enough for us each to finally sink our own golf ball and then it was on to the rest of the course. And then the serious drama came... This brings me to the part of the story that explains the title.

The next hole on the course is what I would call a two-parter. You have to hit your ball into a hole that is connected to a pvc pipe that runs under a bridge that carries your ball on to another green where you have to then try to get into the actual hole.

All was going well with the first couple of people... I think there were even a couple of hole-in-ones that took place. Then the troll woke up and decided that no other balls were going to pass under his bridge (You know like in the fairytale of the Billy Goats). (Do you see the resemblance below?)

Gary, being a seasoned Cunningham, knew that with his weight, and a little jumping, that he could manipulate the situation greatly. He managed to get 10 people's ball STUCK in the pvc pipe (including his own- becuase Jim used it to try and "dislodge teh other 9 balls). How did we manage to get them out you ask?

Well, between Kyle, Jared and a golf club, we finally were able to move on. Needless to say, we all got honorary holes-in-one on this round (except Gary) and have been charged to beat him with a golf club next time we play putt-putt (his wife condoned it).

Other honorable mentions of the day include: Mallory and her, well, "special" golfing techniques. Way to go Mal!

And we can't forget the Power Play of the Day which goes to Justin, who managed to be the only player (probably ever) who was able to NOT sink his ball in to the hole on this course, instead, he decided to live on the edge, just like his ball that came to an abrubt halt and teetered on the edge of the hole!

The golf game ended and we all ended up in the arcade, where Kyle hit the jackpot on one of the games winning 400 tickets. I teased him about buying mom's b-day present with the tickets, but unfortunately 400 tickets don't buy much more than a koosh ball and glow-in-the-dark spider ring...

Kyle and Justin also tried there hand at racing... I think this was Kyle's attempt to regain his dignity after Justin beat him TWICE at arm wrestling earlier in the afternoon!Finally, we ended the fun-filled evening at Taco Bell, where we enjoyed yummy food and recanted the afternoon's adventure. Oh and by the way, Gary is officially uninvited to the rest of our golf outings. I'll pick you up Dani! :)


Dani said...

I can't wait to see what Borrowed Dad has to say about the troll/Gary resemblence.

I had a great time, I'm glad Jim managed to take pictures. Once again we brought the camera, only for it to stay in Gary's pocket all night.

His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

I'm sorry we couldn't make it! It sounds like you all had a blast!

Lil. Bit said...

I"m loving the pictures girl! :] Looks like ya'll had fun! i wish i could have been there!

Kels said...

ha ha ..that is really funny, I can't believe I missed it time you are dragging me out no matter how "ogreish" I am,lol....great pictures too!

Lisa said...

Did I tell you the Billy Goats Gruff is one of Josiah's favorite stories? I don't know if you remember, but at the Jasper meeting he kept trying to eat everyone! I finally had to tell him that he is neither a troll, giant or ogre. He is a little boy and he is not allowed to eat anyone!

About a week later we were coming home from church when I told Josiah that I was thankful he had been so good during the service.

He said, "I good boy, Mama. I not eat nobody!"

Dani said...

Oh borrowed dad, where are you? We are in such suspense waiting for your pithy comments!

Owl of the Desert said...

That is hilarious. I haven't been putt-putting in a long time, but it's always so much fun. Looks like ya'll had a great time!

Anonymous said...

Cough, Cough, Cough, I'm sorry, I couldn't breath there for a moment. I was laughing so hard. I have been on vacation for a week and have not seen the post to comment so explains the delay in my comment. Now its kind of anti-climatical. Tell me again which one of the pictures is Gary? Oh yea, He is the one suspended in mid air on the bridge. The other one is the cute one. (Right) What a hoot. Just how do these things occur to Brother Gary anyway. I guess its just a Troll Thing. And by the way is that MY SON testing the lighting gods. I recon the addage is true that "The Apple Doesn't fall far from the Tree" Oh my, What a motly looking crew. I think it was the most business the park had in a long time. I'm glad you guys had so much fun, and it is really nice of you all to take the handicap along with you. It sounds like you need a Primitive Baptist Short Bus.
aka: Kellys Dad
aka: Borrowed Dad