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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I was at a baby shower the other night and the mother-to-be recieved a children's book of lullabies. I had been thinking about posting about lullabies prior to that and thought now I definietly have to.

Of course the world has it's view of "Common" lullabies, and I am sure it varies among cultures but I was thinking about the songs that my parents used sing to us when we were going to bed.

I remember my dad would sometimes come in and sing "Oh I wish I was an Oscar Mayer weiner" while tucking us into our covers so tight that we felt "snug as a bug in a rug". And becuase of the shift work that he was on, it was a lot of times mom that came in to sing to us. One of my favorites that she would sing goes like this:

If I had a nickle, you know what I would do?
I'd spend it all on candy and give it all to you,
Yes, I'd spend it all on candy and give it all to you.
Cause that's how much I love you, baby! That's how much I love you!

If you were a picture a hangin on a wall
I'd stand all day and watch you and never move at all
Yes, I'd stand all day and watch you, and never move at all
Cause that's how much I love you, baby! That's how much I love you!

If you were a horsefly and I an old gray mare,
I'd stand and let you bite me and never move a hair
Yes I'd stand and let you bit me and never move a hair
Cause that's how much I love you, baby! That's how much I love you!

We would also get to hear "You are my sunshine" and several other songs that are wonderful nighttime memories for me.

As November approaches rapidly, I think often about the nights that I will be putting Joshua to bed and wondering what I will sing to him. I like Mel's idea of singing hymns to him, especially since I pray that he will love the songs of Zion as much as I do. But I would also want to pass on the wonderful songs that I remember as a child. Jim says he doesn't really remember songs being sang to him, but he thinks maybe his mom would sing "You are my sunshine" too.

I would like to add the song that Elizabeth posted several months back that is to the tune of Edelweiss:
May the Lord, mighty God, Bless and Keep you forever;
Grant you peace, perfect peace; Courage for every endeavor.
Lift up your eyes and see His face, and His grace forever.
May the Lord, mighty God, bless and keep you forever.

So now it's time to hear from my blogger friends.... What lullabies do you remember from your childhood and if you have children, what lullabies do you sing to them?


Anonymous said...

My all time favorite, "Love Is". -- Kimberly

His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

Don't worry, you're going to need both the church hymns and the "silly" songs for some nights. My favorite to sing to the kids is "Oh I had a little Chickie"

Dani said...

Mother use to sing "Puff the Magic Dragon" and "Little Tin Soldier" and "Candy Man". The stuff she sang most were songs by John Denver "Country Roads" is the one I most remember hearing. I remember her singing to Benji more than me, but I was already almost 5 when he was born, so I remember more about him.

Gary wants to sing hymns too.

Owl of the Desert said...

That's a really good question for me to ask mom about this weekend...

I can only remember a couple. I remember, "Hush Little Baby, Don't Say a Word,", and another hymn/gospel song she used to sing. I can only remember the chorus to it now a days, but it's one of those vivid memories I have.

Anonymous said...

Oh at the flood of memories. You don't know the songs that were sung. There will be lots of rocking chair time and singing and cuddling your new born. I think the songs often reflect the mood. I particularly remember holding new born babies and smelling baby lotion and feeling that little bundle all cozy next to me and relying on me to care for her and to protect her and me singing precious memories. " Amazing Grace" was sung in the Old minor Key as well as to the regular way. Naturally I sang you are my sunshine but I coupled that song with
We love you Kelly, Oh yes we do.
We love you Kelly, and thats the truth. When your not near us were blue, Oh Kelly we love you.
Don't forget " Froggy went a courtin" and " At-Ummm went the little green Frog" The list could go on and on. I'm just glad to hear that you remembered thoes old songs and that you will be carrying on the tradition.

Lots O Love

Dani said...

Wait! You sung to Kelly about Frogs?!?!?

Kelly Spezzano said...

Yes, Danielle, there were Froggy songs that were sung to us, with very catchy tunes I might add! I will definitely be carrying those songs forward for Joshua too. My fear of frogs came much later (7th grade to be exact). However the songs don't bother me, cause I know there's not a frog there waiting to jump on me.

Among the two that Daddy mentioned, there was also "Five Little Speckled Frogs" as well.

Bekah said...

My Momma talks about "Amazing Gracing" her babies to get us to go to sleep. It's a fairly standard lullaby in our family and I've caught myself humming it to random fussy babies I've been holding. It calms me down which always helps to calm the baby down. Also, it's not really a lullaby, but Mom is practically a world champion at singing "There's a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea." Have her sing it sometime; she usually sings it to her classes too, but only when they are behaving. :-)

Kathy U said...

I don't think the song makes much difference as long as you sing. But if you would like to know which one Joshua like just start singing now at the same time each night. Believe it or not he will hear even now and he will pick his favorite. I know what ever your choice he will love it because it will be the one mommy and daddy sang to him.

PS: Brittany sang to Bethany alot before she was born. Bethany knew Brittany's singing after she got here.
Sis Kathy