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Friday, September 12, 2008

Borrowed Post from Borrrowed Dad

Since my dad refuses to allow me to add him as an author to my blog, and since he refuses to open his own blog... I decided to steal an email that he sent to his email friends and family and post it on my blog as a Borrowed Post from BD: (CAUTION: DANI- THIS POST MAY CONTAIN SOME OFFENSIVE MATERIAL... GO GATORS!)

Just some Pics to share with you guys. Hope to see you at the Swamp some day. Each year for Kyles Birthday we go to the opening University of Florida Gator Football Game. For Fathers Day this year Kyle got me a Brick for the Gator Walk. Before each home game the team enters the stadium thru this front entry way which is paved with these bricks. Our Brick is right in the middle. The fans stand on either side for pictures and High Fives. Here is Kyle and I at the Gator Statue and finally a shot of our Tale Gator.


Jeremy Sarber said...

Gators? This was offensive. ;)

Kelly Spezzano said...

:p Sorry Jeremy, but I did put a warning label! (:

Dani said...

I'm glad that they had a good time, the brick was a GREAT idea for Father's Day. I'm glad that they had a good time, the one time I was forced to go, I enjoyed sleeping on the way there, in the stands, and on the way home. Not an enjoyable place. Now Jordan-Hare Stadium on the other hand... a great place to be.

War Eagle!

Kelly Spezzano said...

Dani, I think you may just be a little jealous over the fact that our shade of orange and blue is so much nicer than yours! :p (j/k)

Lil. Bit said...

Orange and Blue Forever! End of Story. I'm not proud of my Gator Boys at all! There is no greater experience than being in the Swamp chanting back and forth across the stadium ORANGE! BLUE! :] You just know what you are missing out on Dani!

Ms. B said...

Dananah GO GATORS...Dananah GO GATORS!

Anonymous said...

Thank You My Kelly for the Gator Post. You were very sweet and Kind to do that for your Daddy & little Brother. As I have been purrusing the Blogs and catching up on some missed posts, my thoughts seem to be a bit jumbled. My experience with people from all over the world has taught me of some common unions that tend to draw people close to one another. I read with great Joy of Heart different ones remembering the 9/11 Tragidy and rememberance of Firemen and Policeman that lost their lives in the service of their fellowman. Of rememberance of Military Folks alive and past serving their country and fellow citizens for freedom. I read of your memories of a great Lady (Grandma Boyer )and think of all that have Lost Great Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers and So on....and the comments that were shared with thoes who posted that showed a common union with each other. As I ponder on My experiences in Germany and France and Canada. In different cities here and there. In Hosting Sweedish, French, Korean and Japanees students. I realize that our common unions are varied but similar. Whether we are Gators or War Eagles. Whether we are northerners or southerners we are connected by common unions. At times our common unions cross boundries lines connecting us in other common ways. I have, as many others been glued to the Farrell Blog keeping track of Little Nate. I suppose my connection to Brother Michael Goins who has stayed in our home many times and watching his children grow over the years has made Baby Nate a part of us and a part of our concern, prayers, and love. I have for some time read and enjoyed Brother Jeremy Sabers post even though I have never commented, I have developed a common union with him. I have known of, and respected his Daddy for many years and grown to respect Brother Jeremy. I think he could do this subject much more justice than I...But the common union that I speak of is that we are all sinners. Sometimes greedy and think more highly of ourselves than we ought and sometimes more competitive than we ought to be. But by the Grace of God we are able to sometimes subdue the old man and Mourn with thoes that Mourn and Rejoice with thoes that rejoice. We are able to serve one another in spite of ourselves such as Firemen and Policemen or Military or even Minister. Our Preachers give up many of the pleasures of life that many of us do not give up in order to Feed Gods Children. I thank God for our Commmon Unions. For Hearts that contain the Spirit of God and For thoes that show forth the Fruits Of The Spirit in communion with God and common union with each other. God Blesses us to have common unions and blesses us to serve one another in various ways. But the greatest of these is Charity. As I think about thoes in the Aftermath of Hurricane Ike and Having endured the three Huricanes that crisscrossed Florida a few years ago, We have a common union with Texas. Let us be full of Charity with one another in spite of our competitive nature or school colors.
With Much Love To All.

Orange and Blue Dad
aka:Borrowed Dad
aka:Borrowed Poppa