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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Jim Joins Facebook

For all those who know Jim, you will understand what a huge ordeal this is that Jim has joined facebook. For those of you who don't know, let me explain:
Jim, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, is a very "typical" New Yorker, nothing bothers him (and you will hear him say often it's beacause "I rode the subway".
Jim was also the oldest child (of 3) and is referred to by his siblings as "Mr. Wonderful" because he was the "perfect" one... Jim is very serious minded and has zero tolerance for wasting time... if it's time not well spent, then he is generally in a foul mood! I have been told by my mom-in-law that I have brought the "fun-loving" side out in Jim. And it's true, we laugh... A LOT! He entertains me with his great impressions, and... well, I keep him young with all my silly songs and what nots!

During the time that we have been married, I have come to find, that Jim just doesn't like games that much... although, I finally got him to break down and play Spider Solitare with me (and he has gotten quite good at it). But when it comes to Facebook, I thought he would draw the line! As I stated before, he does not like wasted time! So why go on facebook when you can be taking down a wall or pulling up carpet in the house???

Well, it all began several months ago when I added an innocent little game called Parking Wars to my facebook account. All was well and good until Danielle buys a Tow Truck...

To make a long story just a tad bit longer, I will explain the concept of the application:

You and your friends on facebook are given a few cars (and you obtain more cars, the more $$ you earn). You then are able to park your cars on the streets belonging to your friends. But there are only so many legal parking spots... if you park illegally on a street, the owner of the street has the option of ticketing you... as you continue to move your cars and collect your money, you eventually have the option of buying a "luxury automobile"- these are special cars that have special capabilities... for the sake of this story I will simply explain the tow truck. The tow truck can park on any street next to a car that's parked illegally and tow/ticket the car. It doesn't matter if it's not the tow truck owners street... it can be any street....

So now the plot thickens... Danielle, who God bless her, is married to Gary "Doesn't play well with others" Cunningham has to "let" her husband on her facebook (because he refuses to create one of his own) and he has taken this innocent game of Parking Wars to an elevated level! Danielle and I have an alliance where she can park on my street and I can park on hers and we won't ticket each other... cause that's what BFPF's do! However, Gary thinks that my cars are fair game when they are parked on other people's streets so he has had the nerve to tow/ticket me when I am parked elsewhere...

Ok, so what does this have to do with Jim and Facebook... I am getting there, don't worry! The Abernathy girls and I as well as my sisters and I have tried to devise a plan to put an end to this "Monster"... I even tried to convince Hannah to sell Danielle's tow truck while she was hacked into Danielle's facebook account changing her status (as she has done TWICE, now)... But even she thought that was a little too devious! So my sisters and I said that we (me and Kimberly) should get our husbands to join facebook and not add Danielle as a friend, and therefore we would have two more streets to park on in which Gary did not have access too... And would you believe Jim really liked that idea. So after hearing more complaints about Gary "Doesn't play well with others" Cunningham on Wednesday night, Jim came home and created his new facebook profile.

Full Name: "No Garyb"
email: (which is a working email)-
Profile Pic:

His sole purpose on facebook is to give all of our common friends a "Garyb-free Parking Zone" he has added several people and is "Gaining Popularity at an Alarming Rate" (which is also his status on facebook right now). Hannah, being "No Garyb's" #1 fan, has created a "Support No Garyb" group on facebook- which of course we have all added!

"What, do ya'll have nothing better to do than to play on facebook all day?" a question that might be running through your minds... Well- I can only speak for myself when I say, "No, I don't have anything better to do... I'm pregnant and I will do what I want!" :) (j/k) If you are not yet on facebook, I have to say, it is addictive with all the many applications that you can add... so proceed with caution to start your profile (it's free) add Parking Wars and don't forget to add "No Garyb" as your personal friend... I am sure you will enjoy your stress-free Garyb-free zone and we'll have a grand ol' time!


Anonymous said...

ROFL -- This is an excellant post. If I wasn't already on facebook, I would join right away!

Love, Your Big Smallest Sis

Dani said...

If I could get him to have his own account I would add "No GaryB", even a wife needs a break from him from time to time. hehe

Gary B. said...

First of all, Matt started the illegal parking wars action. Second, my wife tows you not me.

Good for Jim for caving and getting a facebook. He's growing. Don't expect me to. Why do I need a facebook, I have myspace?

Go Gators!