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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Personal Checklist

Danielle recently posted a blog about "When Did That Happen?" referring to how quickly she went from "just pregnant" to 25 weeks pregnant. Well, lately, when I log in to my blog I see the Baby Countdown on the side bar that has been ticking down the days and today we were at 33 days to go. WHAT??? 33 DAYS???? I thought I still had 5 weeks? Ok, so it's the same thing, but 5 weeks does sound a lot further away than 33 days.

So, as I contemplate that there are only 33 days to go (give or take a few days) I started thinking what do I still need to do? And I put together this checklist (for all you organized list people, I know you will appreciate this) :)

1. Go to last day of work before becoming a permanent homemaker (Oct. 17)
2. Go to prepared childbirth class (Oct. 18)
3. Turn 30 (Oct. 19)- not a pleasant task, but who can avoid it?
4. Pack bag for hospital
5. Write thank you notes for shower #2
6. Wash all baby toys, bottles, pacifiers, etc
7. Convince hubby to finish renovations in the house
8. Finish washing any baby clothes that have not been washed yet
9. Obtain a few more plastic storage bins to hold larger baby clothes not being used
10. Baby proof entire house (although, Josh won't be crawling for quite a while)
11. Determine what exactly does go in a diaper bag (besides the obvious diapers and wipes)

I am sure there will be more to add as the days progress, but for now, I am pleased that this list is not that long (nor are the items completely un-obtainable).


Bekah said...

Oh wow! I keep looking at that little ticker with the floating baby and thinking about how soon it is when we will get to meet little Joshua. Can't really imagine what it's like for you, but you've got a great list to start with! I'll be throwing you a 'last day of work' party on Friday here in So Cal. :-)

Dani said...

A friend wrote and told me, "With my first I used the small diaper bag to carry into places, and kept a big one stocked in the car, I stll keep a big one with extra changes of clothes and pajamas and such in the car for the girls. I usually put a couple diapers and a pack of wipees and a one piece outfit for the baby in the small, and brought it in wherever with me. But the big one I kept like a whole pack of diapers, 2 or 3 outfits and a blanket or 2, once the baby started eating and playing with toys I put a few jars of food and some toys in so I was never stuck without stuff I needed. In the beginning wit the breast milk poops, sometimes I'd go through 3 outfits in a day so I always wanted to be prepared."

Kelly Spezzano said...

Bekah make sure you have cake on Friday- I know I will! :)

Danielle- thanks for the input- I am beginning to think I should have registered for a bigger bag now! Hee Hee

Amy Ellen said...

It is amazing how fast it goes sometimes the same can be said about how slow it goes sometimes, LOL. As to the diaper bag, I would like to add a couple of large ziploc bags. One for any dirty clothing from accidents, also there are times where you are just not right near a trash can. Thats where the second bag comes in.

Amanda said...

Hopefully you wont be like me, always frantically searching for things in the bottomless diaper bag! Okay, you probably will 'cause people tell me "that's just what moms do!" Anywho, I finally got smart and put all the small things like butt cream, hand sanitizer(you know the hard things to find) in a ziploc bag so I can find them when I need them!
Don't worry you will find plenty to put in that diaper bag!

Amanda said...

Oh yeah, that's a good tip Dani! I am totally gonna start doing that!

Amanda said...
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Anonymous said...

All very good tips. Don't worry about a second diaper bag. The hospital will give you one full of JUNK and a couple of good things too.

Also put some of those nifty disposable washcloths in there. B/c if - I mean WHEN, b/c it will happen alot the first 3 months - Joshua poops out of his diaper, you can quickly clean him up!

Diapers, wipes (3 times what you think you need), diaper cream, TUMMY GAS DROPS, extra pacifier or two if he is like Brooke was, 2 extra outfits the first 3 months, 2 extra bibs, 2 extra burp cloths if he is like Brooke and Lindsey, YOUR NURSING COVER, tylenol (but he can't have that until he is two months), a portable changing pad to lay Joshua on! That should take care of it for you!

Kelly Spezzano said...

All very good helpful tips! Thanks Kimberly for the tip about the hospital. We actually got a diaper bag from Watson Clinic too, so now we will have 3! But the backpack one we got at the shower will be the one I use most of course... becuase it's STYLIN'!