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Monday, November 2, 2009

Joshua's Favorite Toy

Jim will never forgive me for using a country song for this video, however the kids song that I really wanted (The Dump Truck Song) was not available for a free download so, this one will have to do.

The story behind this Hess truck is: Last year Grandpa Sal and Grandma Val wanted to start a "Hess Truck for Christmas" tradition with Joshua... Little did we know that they FLY off the shelves and are nowhere to be found within a 1000 mile radius. So Grandma Val enlisted the help of others to look for her (which included Gramma asking Uncle Matt and Aunt Kerry to search the states of AL and GA on their trip home) But alas, no Hess trucks!

Thankfully my grandfather (Pa-pa) and Van came to the rescue. They had purchased an extra one for somebody and ended up not needing it, so it made it's way by Grandma/Grandpa and Gramma/Poppa to Joshua. It has sat on his toy shelf for almost a year (not quite) and Jim took it down one day to see if Joshua would play with it. Then of course we had to put batteries in it to see what ALL the buttons do. And aside from his pumpkin, the Hess truck is a favorite around the house.

Joshua has learned that he can put things in the bed of the truck and he has MASTERED the art of pushing the buttons! One morning just after he ate his bottle, I put him on the floor next to my legs and he was playing with the truck and pushed one of the buttons it was loud enough to scare him a little and he grabbed a hold of my legs for dear life... but most of the time he just dances when the sounds come on... I swear that boy will dance to ANYTHING!


Amy Ellen said...

That is too cute!! He is getting soooo big. I have been so busy I have not had much time to post lately.. Thanks for sharing!

His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

Brady loves all of his Hess trucks too! That is one thing about little don't have to teach them to like trucks or to push buttons!

Dani said...

by the which a way... Britt played with a toy tractor for the longest time over at Sis. Andy and Bro. Tom's tonight. He was so funny drivin that thing around. Little boys love their wheels huh?