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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day 4: Favorite Book

I think this may be the one area in which I TOTALLY don't fit in with my mom and sisters... I LOATHE reading! LOATHE I TELL YOU!!! I used to like reading these really sappy "main character is dying and falls in love" books (when I was a teenager) You know the kind that romanticizes fatal diseases... (yeah, I am not sure why I was in to these books) but now, I barely even make it through a magazine article (although I love reading blogs) :)

So, my list of favorite books is narrowed down to 2

NUMBER 1 and most important is The Authorized King James Version of the Holy Bible (in it contains all God's wisdom that HE divinely inspired to be written for our use throughout all ages) If I need to know how to deal with my bad habit of laziness, I can find God's guidence in the word. If I need to discipline Joshua, I can find instruction in the word. If I need to know how to be a good wife, I can look right in the passages of Proverbs regarding the Virtuous Woman

Number 2 is my favorite book to read/recite to Joshua
They Rock... and Rock... and Rock... to sleep (followed by slamming the book shut and saying "The End"

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Anonymous said...

Oh, these are two VERY good books!