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Sunday, September 26, 2010


Don't you just love the things kids say? Jim and I tend to disagree on the whole baby talk thing. I don't necessarily talk baby talk to Joshua, but when he says a word incorrectly (especially when it's REALLY cute how he says it) I don't correct him but Jim thinks it's imperative to teach him the correct way to say things. But, lucky for me, Jim is not home enough during the week to make a serious impact on that end so... here are some of my favorite things Joshua says:

Hopikeekee (sometimes Hopikaka)= helicopter

Uppeyside Down= upside down

Oh Daddyboy (what he yells from his bedroom when he wants Jim to come to his room)

cancake= his very most favorite breakfast item, pancake

mac ronie cheese (said as three words)= any pasta item

shocker ball (I'll give you a hint- it's a black and white ball that is referred to as a football in some countries)

rammaw/ranpaw (he has stopped calling Jim's parents memaw and pepaw and is calling them grandma and grandpa now...well kinda)

dayee bled (you know, Thank you, God for our daily bread)

He's just so cute! Don't you think?


Bekah said...

Oh daddyboy!!! That is pure magic. Right along with "uppeyside down" which I read and thought "why is that included in the list...that's right...oh wait, no it's not quite right." :-)

Hannah Sue said...

haha I'm gonna start calling my Dad "oh daddyboy!"

Anonymous said...

This little boy is so cute I can't stand it! And I hope he is 21 years old and still saying hopikeekee and dayee bled!


His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

Well you can tell him that KiKi is very proud of what a big talker he has become. And I'm with you on the NOT correcting the cute little words they come up with.