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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Glimmer of Hope

Perhaps Joshua is not a perfect heathen. We took Jim's mom to a viewing on Saturday (for the passing of a relative). While walking around in the lobby of the funeral home. Jim and Joshua had a nice conversation about the angel statues and Jim told him a little about angels. When all of the sudden Joshua told Jim, "Dadda, I see God" at first Jim didn't understand him, so he asked Joshua what he said and he repeated himself. Jim asked, "where do you see God?" to which Joshua replied, "at church"

As Jim recounted this story to me, I had to fight back the tears. As a parent, my biggest prayer has been that Joshua would love the Lord as much as Jim and I do. Who could know the extent to which he "understands" (except God). But I would like to think that he HAS seen God, and I pray that he continues to seek HIM and grow in grace and knowledge!


Anonymous said...

Never call my nephew a HEATHEN! He is too cute and sweet to be a heathen. And his fashion sense is EXTRAORDINARY!


His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

Joshie is not a perfect heathen...he is the sweetest little boy. His Aunt KiKi loves him very much!

Dani said...

Heathen is a great word, I use it daily to describe Britt. Seriously though, that is a GREAT story, may he ALWAYS see God at Church. :)