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Monday, November 1, 2010

Almost Thou Persuadest Me

Persuadest me to what you ask? Hang up the towel on potty training and sell my son to the gypsies.

So you may have guessed Potty Training Day 1 was not as successful as one would hope. Now, mind you, we had no accidents on the floor, BECAUSE JOSHUA DECIDED TO HOLD IT IN ALL DAY! I put pull ups on him while I was getting ready to go to the eye doctor this morning (and he did "piddles" [as we call it] in the pull up), but when I went to the eye doctor and when he went down for his nap (both occasions he had on a pull up) he stayed dry. "YEA!" I thought, until I realized the boy wasn't going to use the bathroom at all, not on the floor, not in the pull- ups, not on the potty.... Grrr!
But would you believe that was not the worst part of the day. Apparently, the "Terrible Twos" myth/legend is rearing it's ugly head 16 days early. And not even over potty training. Let's just say we had an all out Battle of the Wills over me telling him to come and put his shoes on... I have never seen such defiance in this child as I saw today (it's no wonder, look at who his parents are haha)

Then daddy swooped in and intervened when he came home from work. With a little strong arming (if super gluing a child to a potty was not a crime, I would so be there) and a full 8oz glass of watered down ice tea, we finally had two successful potty attempts. Followed by another battle of the wills this time between father and son... You want to see a temper, just tell Joshua it's time to clean up and get ready for bed (That went on for what seemed like an eternity) I had to take some Motrin after that (but on a positive note, I folded all my laundry while Jim calmly battled the little booger)

All I have to say is AMANDA MIZELL (and any other parent of multiples) you have my utter respect in the potty training department! :)

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Amanda said...

YIKES!!! I can't believe he held it in all day!! And all I can really say is thank GOD for daddy's, huh??!! Jon has come to my rescue many a time when he gets in from work. Daddy's have that special touch with kids that us mom's don't, called: I haven't been worn down by you all day so you will do what I say!!!

Just keep at it and he will eventually do it. Good luck though :)