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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Potty Training Week 3 Recap

Well, as you recall, we went back to nakey baby this week and as well as Joshua did in week one, he has done even better this week.

When we do go out (church, walmart, library, etc.) he is not too keen on sitting on the big boy potty. And while we have a "reducer ring" that makes the big potty more comfortable for tiny hineys, he still whines most of the time when I have him try to go in public restrooms.

We made over to the Winter Garden PBC meeting today and 3 times I took him in to use the potty, and 3 times he went potty! (after whining about "don't like it") I was so proud of him that I asked "Daddyboy" to stop and get him a treat for the ride home. He got a Cherry Tootsie Pop (which is the biggest lollipop he has ever had- he usually gets a little dum dum from the bank teller) Well, we decided that it would certainly keep him busy for the 1.5 hour ride home. Would you believe that little guy scarfed that lollipop down in about an hour???? He does like his lollipops though!

This coming week is going to be very hectic with cooking, preparing, family coming into town, etc. But we are going to do our best to keep on this potty training!

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Owl of the Desert said...

Way to go! Nothing like a little treat here and there to encourage things. Keep up the good work!