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Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Came Early

Ok, so maybe you all don't think potty training breakthroughs are worthy Christmas presents... But let me paint a word picture for you.

We're going on a month and a half since beginning potty training. I have yet to transition Joshua from "nakey baby around the house" to "when you have big boy underpants on, you tell mommy when you have to go". We've had occasional moments where he I have asked him if he has to go and he says yes, (like at church) but today, we were pulling into the driveway having been out running errands and such and he says, "MOM I have to do poops" I coasted into the garage, grabbed him out of the carseat (car seats may be handy for major traffic accidents, but they sure aren't potty training friendly), and rushed him in to the house... and the guy held his "business" until we got to the potty!

(insert HALLELUJAH Chorus here)


Bekah said...

Yay Joshua!! And yes, chicks most definitely dig guys who are potty trained! ROFL

Anonymous said...

YAY Joshie! And I LOVE Bekah's comment! ROFL!!!