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Saturday, December 25, 2010

My Latest Sewing Projects

Sara Abernathy and I were asked by one of the sisters at church to help put together a quilt for her daughter's school fundraiser. The kids decorated squares and we (Sara and I) put them together in a quilt for the school to auction.

It got me thinking, we could totally do a quilt for my parents for an anniversary or something (which is something my mom and her siblings did for their parent's 50th Anniversary)... and then, my sister Kerry said, "I am always looking for unique gift ideas, can we do a quilt for mom and dad and Matt's mom and dad for Christmas?"

Two quilts in 2months???? No problem!

I really enjoyed working on these two projects. I had never done a quilt on my own (I have always worked with a group of people, or as I mentioned before, with Sara). It was a little stressful having a deadline, and my house work MAY have lacked a little over the last two months... not too mention trying to squeeze in POTTY TRAINING... BUT... I think the end results, and the joy expressed by the recipients was well worth the 2" layer of dust on my bedroom furniture! :)


Anonymous said...

Kelly, you totally rocked! To see the look on Mom & Dad's face was amazing. Thank you so much for doing this. You did such a great job!


Brittany said...

This is incredible! I would love to see everyone's reaction when they saw it.

You could make some money doing that!

Dani said...

WOW!!! So that's what you've been up to lately. I've been working on Rebecca's quilt for over a year now, and you did two in two months. You totally rock!

Kelly Spezzano said...

Thanks ladies! Danielle, if you need me to work on Rebecca's quilt any, I would be happy too I know we were all supposed to work on it together... you'll just have to let me know what the pattern is and what not!

Anonymous said...

Miss Kelly needless to say Mom and I are so impressed. You guys all rock. Thank You, Thank You. Both Quilts are Beautiful. We are so amazed.