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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Writer's Block

Sorry to "all" my readers for the lack of posts lately. I started a post about a terrible hair-cut experience, but the more I typed, the more I realized this is a very long story and most likely boring to any person reading it... so I never finished it, nor posted it.

I have had no motivation to write anything so I am MAKING myself write. Jim and I finally watched the movie, Fireproof. It was a hard movie for me to watch at the beginning due to the similarities with past experiences I have had, but once I got past that part it was a really good movie. If you are married, and haven't watched it (regardless of whether you are having marital problems or not) you should check it out. It's very good. When I told my mom and dad that we were going to watch it, my dad gave me a book (called The Love Dare) to go along with the movie. Jim and I decided, even though we have no marital problems, that we were going to commit to doing the love dare. It's 40 days of dares to help you be a better husband or wife. So far we have made it to day 12. In one sense, it's encouraging to find out that we don't have a lot of the problems that many couples face in this life, but it's also an eye opener (at least for me) to see how selfish I tend to be, and how giving and caring Jim is. I am really enjoying it though- if you want to read through the book (after you have seen the movie) I have a pdf version of it that I can share. Just let me know.

Hopefully this writer's block will clear up soon, and I can get back into posting more.

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Bekah said...

I hear you. It's hard to have things to write about consistently that wouldn't be deemed boring or insane by other people. Enjoy your break...we'll be here when you get back.