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Friday, July 1, 2011


What you are witnessing below is the ultimate MOMMY MIND.
We make our own tea to drink (for so many reasons: cost efficient, delicious, controlling sugar and caffeine)- I make two, three, sometimes even four gallons on any given day. Since it's the only thing we drink, we go through it A LOT!
On Wednesday evening, after dinner, I cleaned the kitchen and saw that the tea was low so I decided to put on a pot. After getting everything set up, Jim asked if I wanted to go out front with he and Joshua (for car maintenance) so I decided that I would also make a trip next door to the in-laws to return something.
An hour or so later (maybe even closer to 2 hours). We walked into the garage to an unusually funny smell. I mentioned to Jim the smell and he agreed it smelled strange. As I opened the door to the house, I was instantly hit with the fumes of smoke and ashes.
I LEFT THE STOVE ON!!! There was not a stitch of water left in the pot. The tea bags were dissolved and coated with fiery embers. The stench of smoke is still in my house (and it's Friday) and all I can do is say- THANK YOU, LORD! God's hand was certainly protecting us from what could have been a disastrous situation.
GOD: infinity points MOMMY MIND: 0
On a side note, if anyone knows a way to clean burned tea bag ashes off a stainless steel pot, your input would be greatly appreciated! :)


Bekah said...

Eeeek!! I've done that before with tomato soup. My apartment smelled terrible for weeks! And once we did it with ham and beans when I was still at home in Kansas and we had to throw the pot away because we could never get it clean. So glad you just had ashy tea bags and nothing else!!

April said...

I have a couple of things you could try. One or two might work.

1 Try olive oil, a medium thin coat and some scrubbing, then let sit, then scrub again.
If it seems to be working but needs some extra oomph, add coarse salt until it is a scratchy paste.

2 If that doesn't work, put it on the stove with a half gallon of water, and a half gallon of white vinegar. Leave it on medium until it boils, then cover it and let it sit until it cools. Then wipe it clean. Again, if it seems to be working but needs some scrub power, leave a bit of the liquid in the bottom of the pot and add coarse salt and scrub.

My Mommy Mind always leads to wet clothes sitting in the dryer with no button pushed to dry them. :)

April said...

Oh... and a bit of vineger water (about 50/50) sprayed around the house will help lift the smell from couches and carpets as it dries. Plus is COMPLETELY non-toxic.

Kelly Spezzano said...

Awesome tips April! Thanks! I am going to try the vinegar/H2O spray tonight!:) Yeah, mommy mind has me leaving wet clothes in the dryer too... Grrr

Anonymous said...

Oh Snapdragon, I am so glad that all is well!


Amanda said...

Try bartender’s or barkeeper’s (can’t remember!) friend. U should be able to find it at wal-mart. Jon burned a stainless steel pot the other day and we thought it would have to be thrown out bur after using this a couple times it is as good as new!

Kelly Spezzano said...

Lydia C. posted this and I hit the wrong button (which rejected the comment) so I copied from my email and pasted. Sorry Lydia :)

"This is definitely something I would do! I have often left something on the stove (usually supper) and gone off to do something else. The lingering smell is the worst! I'm thankful for God's protective hand to watch over us in our stupidity!"

PS- I am glad I am not the only one :)