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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sleeping with Budgets and Other Tales of a 2 Year Old

We have made many changes in our life (mostly financial) and it's no surprise that some of the things we're changing has rubbed off on Joshua.

The other night, as Jim was working on our budget, Joshua was at the table next to him writing on his papers. When it was time for bed he grabbed his paper and said, "Mom can I sleep with my budget?" (of course I let him). The next morning he stood by my bed rustling his budget (which is how I woke up) :)

Today, when at Walmart, we passed by the toy clearance section and there was a Tow Truck and Excavator (Joshua calls it a Digger) that he FELL IN LOVE WITH. He asked if he could have it and I told him that it wasn't in the budget, but we could have a budget committee meeting with dad when he came home and talk about adding it to the budget.

When he woke up from his nap, Jim was home from work and he ran out of the room saying, Daddy I want to buy a digger at Walmart and mom says we need to have a meeting. So after dinner, we got Joshua's piggy bank (actually it's a monkey) and told him he only had enough to buy one (with the help of Mom and Dad) and he was very possessive of that money in his bank. But, he eventually decided that he would like to use his money to buy the digger.


Anonymous said...

This is so adorable! "We're having a budget meeting!" I love how excited he is.

Lindsey kept wanting to ask Joshie questions, but he wouldn't answer her! :)


Anonymous said...

It's my understanding that Obama is looking for a new financial advisor and I think our Joshua is just the man for the job. He's so darn cute.