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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Operation Commission Chart

By now you all know that Jim and I are OBSESSED with Dave Ramsey and the teachings of Financial Peace University/Total Money Makeover.

One of the things Dave Ramsey advocates is to teach your children at a young age to be good stewards of their money (the Lord's money).  He used commission based chores as a way for his children to earn money and their earnings would go towards a spend/save/give envelope system (or piggy bank).  He does not advocate allowance (money "just because").

We decided to give this a try with Joshua.  Though I have never been one who believes in paying a child for things they ought to be doing (daily chores).  There are not a whole lot of chores Joshua can do right now so we are using some simple things that as he gets older will be phased out (hopefully).

Instead of spending money on the chore chart that Dave Ramsey sells :

I decided to make one on the computer (using the same layout, only with pictures since Joshua A). can't read yet and B). is VERY visual:

He has 5 chores: Make bed, Empty Garbage Cans, Help load washing machine, Set dinner table, pick up toys before bedtime.  He will get 1 dime for every star on his chart at the end of the week and he will then be able to spend/save/give a portion of each.  

He's taking it very seriously!  He even made his bed after naptime today and I didn't even ask him to.


Brittany said...

I love this! I'm going to saving this post on my favorites for later : ) (Much later! We are NOT preggers)

Anonymous said...

Way to go Joshie! Hmmmm, Mimmy might need to try this, but I really don't like paying kids to do chores, either. But I think I can spare a dime for every chore Brooke does ;) (BTW, Brooke is reading this)!

And, bummer, I was hoping there was a new Sumner soon!


Dani said...

You know I googled earlier today, toddler chore charts, been trying to come up with something visual for Britt (and that's free). I don't know about paying Britt least not right now, but I think it would be a good use of all his stickers from the mail thing.