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Monday, June 18, 2012


When you find yourself purchasing a used car with a limited amount of funds, it's very hard to be picky.  Jim and I had a few requirements, though I was sure we were being unrealistic.  We wanted a foreign made car (Sorry USA), 4 door, good fuel economy, and we were really hoping for *lower* miles, all for under $5,000 (go ahead, laugh it up... you doubters!)

Two weekends in a row we hunted.  When we did find cars that were 4 door (and not SUV, GAS GUZZLERS) in our price range, we found cars that had all been hit (mostly in the back), cars that had high mileage, cars that were smoked in, cars that were NASTY on the inside... or dealers that laughed at us when we said what we were looking for and what price tag.

I finally found a car that looked promising, though it was listed a little higher than what we were looking at.  It was a 2001 Nissan Sentra with only 39,864 miles.  It was in St Pete (which is an hour from us).  But it was only 20 minutes from the beach (which is where we were headed for the weekend anyway).  I prayed for 2 days straight that the Lord would show us plainly if this was the right car for us.  (I prayed that he would show us plainly if it was not the right car for us).  We had been praying all along that he would provide a reliable car for us, so lots of prayers were going up.
I called Friday to see if the car was still available (it was) and asked if the lot was opened on Saturday (it was).  So we made plans to head over after breakfast.  If it wasn't the car for us, we would just head on over to the beach.  When we arrived, I immediately spotted the car (not because of it being a bright yellow car- like our last one) but I had looked at the pics so much that I spotted it instantly.  We didn't want to seem to eager, so we looked at the green convertible first (Joshua wanted to see the funny car with no top).  Then we moseyed over to the Nissan.  It looked pretty decent.  Jim was concerned that the paint job was an indication that it had been hit, but the salesman pulled the car history report and it was showing a clean title, never been hit, two owners, verified mileage, and overall a good little car.  I checked all the buttons and gadgets on the inside, while Jim combed over the outside (and under the hood) and really everything looked good  and the inside was IMMACULATE.  It even had brand new tires.

We took it for a test drive, and the car ran great.   The only problem was that price tag.  It was listed for $6995 (and don't forget we have to add on the tax, tag and fees)... So we asked if he would consider $6500 out the door.   We explained that our car was totalled, we were fixed on what we could spend with the insurance check and some money from savings.

After working with the "boss" and us, we came to a very acceptable agreement of $6700 out the door.  And we were OUT THE DOOR with our new car.

Now, here's where the fun begins.  Jim and Joshua drove the new car to the beach and I followed behind in the truck we were borrowing from my dad.  As we drove down the street, I noticed the *RA* had fallen off the *SENTRA* on the back of the car (we didn't notice it at the car lot).  
So here was this little note from God, "SENT"-  Do we believe God sent us this car?   Absolutely!  And we have no intentions of fixing that plate on the back.  It will serve as a constant reminder of how good the Lord is to us! 


His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

So glad y'all found something that fits your needs! Looks like a good little car!

Amanda said...

What a great story! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

This Trully is a reserrection and a good example of a saying that used to be freaquently said in my days. " It Was A God Sent". God is Good.

Love Poppa

Lori said...

I'm glad the SENT worked out ;) -- it looks very nice in the pics! ENJOY! (and we are probably not too far behind you, w/2 high-mileage GAS-GUZZLERS, having to car-shop...)