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Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Happy New Year!

What a wonderful way to start out 2008. Jim and I attended our church's annual New Year's Eve service and sing. Brother Buddy preached a powerful message about the abomination of two political issues that will not be on the upcoming political agenda: Abortion and Homosexuality. I have always known that abortion is wrong although, I don't think I could have backed up my belief scripturally (except by saying "Thou Shalt Not Kill") but Brother Buddy showed the parallel in the one's that were sacrificing the children to the false god, Molech, to that of abortion... I am very thankful for the teachings that we have been receiving. After the sermon, we broke for refreshments, which, any PB knows, refreshments = Sunday potluck= Yumm-o. And afterwards, we wore Brother Gary out with our song selections to ring in the New Year...

Then today, we had our annual picnic at the church... and let me just tell you, you will never find competition so fierce than of those at Little Union :) While I did not participate in the "Water Fight" that apparently broke out prior to my arrival, I was almost included in the "Revenge" because of my "guilt-by-association" If you would like details of the "Whole Story" talk to Danielle! :)

I learned a couple of new card games today. Me and Brother Gary couldn't remember the real name of one, so we kept calling it Egyptian Rat Trap (it was described as "Egyptian War") and let me tell you, it was down to me and Brother Gary and two decks of cards... and I am not exaggerating when I say it was intense! I even had my own cheerleading section... BUT much to my dismay, Brother Gary BEAT ME! Fair and Square! Good Game Brother Gary! You were a worthy opponent! (LOL). I also learned a sad truth that in the game of Bull... Sister Danielle is a compulsive liar! (big wink to Danielle) You would never believe that church members could be such good liars in a game where you are "allowed" to lie (as long as you don't get caught). For that fact, you would never believe that church members know how to play a game that involves lying (haha)

All in all, it was a great start to the New Year! We had good worship, good fellowship (and of course good food) :)

Hope you all have a great 2008 ~


~*Rachel*~ said...

I had a blast as well, although I didn't participate in the Egyptian card game because I was caught up in a heated football game! lol , u know me. I have a new blog, check it out!

Dani said...

First of all, you only have a lying problem, if you can get away with it, and as I was losing the game, it is clear that I am not a good compulsive lier.

However, I will provide further details tomorrow.

Kelly Spezzano said...

The lying problem you were having is that you were terrible at it! LOL

Hope you get to feelin' better!

strem said...

So much fun. And, when it is about 5 degrees up here, it is funny to think about all of you having a picnic. Inconceivable! We had a good time on New Years Eve at Little Flock... first with yummy food (too much!), then great singing, then great preaching (Elder Marty Smith was visiting)... and then we headed to some church members' home to play games. Pit and CatchPhrase got us goin'! It was wonderful to ring in the new year with friends.

~*Sara*~ said...

That game was so much fun! Wish I had been a better liar. lol