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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Another Kitten Update

I have been spending a lot of time in the Laundry Room with the new mamma kitty and babies. (As if you didn't know that) :) Tracey is being very patient with me, as I am constantly picking up the kittens and trying to explore what each of them are...

I think I have determined (and Jim helped confirm my suspicions) that we have 3 boy kittens and 2 girl kittens. The two that we had determined names for (Lightening and Racey) are both boys and so I dubbed the last boy Casey/Kasey/KC (not sure the correct spelling for the boy's version of this name- anybody know?) This means that the two girls are Starlight and Suzy (I am still having a hard time distinguishing between those two. They tend to lay on their sides a lot and look identical from the side).

I am anxiously awaiting the weekend as they will be approaching the time of opening their eyes. I am really enjoying watching them start to mature a little (in size and weight). Now don't mistake my obsseion with them as becoming attached... I am still fully aware of the fact that they will not be staying, but since I have never had this experience before (caring for newborn kittens) I am just fascinated by how they can start to change so quickly before my very eyes.

If I ever get to have the camera back (Jim takes it to all his jobs to get photos for the website)- I may be able to get some more updated photos! I'll keep you all posted!


Elizabeth said...

I think the boy version might be Kasey. But I might just think that because I know a girl that spells it Casey.
I don't think you're kitten will care too much one way or the other.

strem said...

I've met both guys and gals with both versions of Casey/Kasey, so either should be fine. I was thinking about that yesterday... that I haven't seen kittens right after birth since I was a little little girl. I imagine it is a fascinating experience to see all of it.

Kelly Spezzano said...

Elizabet, I guess that's true, they won't care too much (nor will the new owners as they will probably change his name anyway). It's more for me to keep track of each one.

Strem, as I said in my blog, it has been very fascinating! I am stunned at how quickly they have started to grow (esp. the 3 piggy boys- They sure do eat a lot) LOL

Dani said...

I think they are so cute! I can't wait to see their eyes open next week.

Kathy (AM) said...

I'm afraid Jim is going to be in trouble when it is time for the kittens to go to their new home.