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Monday, March 10, 2008

As Promised

As I promised, here are the pictures we have taken of the newborn kittens. So far mother cat and babies are doing very well. Today we had a houseful come to admire the little ones. Abbey, Brady and Brooke were allowed to look (but no touch) and Kimberly, Kerry, Kyle and Ayla (Kyle's girlfriend) were able to go in and sit and pet Tracey and the kittens.

Here Tracey is still in labor, but she has had 3 kittens at this point already (this is how I found her Saturday morning when I first found out she had given birth)

I had given Abbey and Brady permission to name the kittens (which they did prior to even seeing them) and so far there are two with very distinct markings that I have named Lightening (Brady's name) and the other Racey (also from Brady- he's a big "Cars" movie fan) the others still look too much a like to try and distinguish which is which. The 3 names Abbey and Brooke picked out together (about a week before the kittens were born) are: Starlight (Brooke's a big horse fan, and this was her selection) Casey (or Kasey) to rhyme with Tracey (and Racey) and last- Suzy (this was Abbey's selection and we have no idea why)... I of course will give the adoptive kitty parents the right to change their names! :)

Here, Tracey is caring for the last kitten born, we were a little afraid that something was wrong with him because he was separated from the litter when we checked in on them and wasn't nursing, but after Jim picked him up and put him near Tracey, she accepted him and began to care for him (we figured out that he apparently had JUST been born, and hadn't made it over there yet). He is the one we names Lightening (he's the lightest in color out of all of them and is actually the biggest) .

Here Tracey is pretty warn out and if you are able to zoom into the photo, you will see Lightening right under her chin between her two front legs sleeping!

Tomorrow the Sisters and Stiches will be at my house, and I am just sure there will be some more kitten viewings at that time! :)

We have called a vet (the mobile vet I use sometimes for my cats) to see what she would charge to come check on Tracey and the litter... if it's not too expensive we will have a well-checkup for them.

Enjoy the pics!


Elizabeth said...

If only kittens would stay kittens, then perhaps I could tolerate cats better.

I hope you're having fun!

Kelly Spezzano said...

Well, some people just aren't cat people... My mom is one of them and she says the same thing as you... :)
I really love animals in general but I too have my preferences!

I can't wait till they all start showing a little personality, I think kittens are so cute to watch (playing, exploring, etc)

Jeremy Sarber said...


strem said...

Just adorable. And, I'm sure Tracey sure IS worn out. What a rough day she must have had at that point. So glad you are there to take care of her, and I'm glad Jim is still willing to be involved - even if just a little bit.