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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Internet Fast

I was very intrigued by Sister Elizabeth's internet fast. I am finding more and more that I live and breath being on facebook and my blog. It's not healthy! I know that fasting is generally for times when you are needing to get an answer from the Lord, so this is not really an appropriate "fast" but I think I need to step back for some time and evaluate my priorities. Thank you, Elizabeth, for the idea!

Talk to you all later~


Anonymous said...

I miss you.....


Brittany said...

You are priceless, BD. You will be missed, Kelly, but I admire your intentions!

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about this internet fasting thing and the thoughts have been flooding my mind. I think I understand the concept of fasting but I fear that after the fast comes hunger and then possibly over indulgence. As with a lot of diets we deprive ourselves of certain intakes such as calories or carbohydrates etc. only to fall off the wagon and consume that which we have deprived ourselves of plus more. We tend to perform well for some period of time then our human nature kicks in and away we go into a land of desserts. Which we will dwell there until we get aggrivated enough with ourselves to change our ways again. It amazes me at how much enphasis is placed on great cooking, thus all of the cooking shows only to have it become so much harder to control our glutteny. Maybe if we had cooking shows that taught us how to cook bland, unattractive and horrible tasting food that we would not be so tempted to make pigs of ourselves. Because food is just so delicious and appealing we seem to be powerless to restraint. Maybe if the internet and computers were not so easy and attractive for us we would not over indulge in that. The word Diet means controlled portion. Not Deprivation. Weight Watchers preach controlled portions but unlimited amounts of things that are good for you and low in harmful junk. They rely heavely on exercise and supporting one another and accounting for your intake. They tout great success. They even have a program that helps you maintain your goal weight. Maybe we ought to take some tips from this group of folks and apply it to this situation. First we must realize that we have a human nature that desparately wants to satisfy itself. The problem is that this world can not satisfy. If there is any satifaction it is only temporary. Second we must realize that Satan uses our human nature and what is appealing to the eye or other senses to tempt us but it is we ourselves in our weakness that over indulges in the temptation. As the old saying goes money is not the root of all evil its the love of money or eating or computer bloging or what ever. The next thing we have to consider is we are just weak and beggarly beings, but we do have an all powerful God that will help us in times of need. This is some of the things that are good for us and we can have all we want. It is good for us to fill ourselves with lots of amounts of God. Never the less the computer is not necessarly bad with in itself as it is the over indulgence of it. So we have to exercise restraint and practice moderation. Speaking of over indulgence, I am not doing very well in this department right now am I. Well since I'm over indulging a few more thoughts and I'll quit. Set a realistic goal for yourself of a limited amount of what ever. Track the amount of intake of that what ever on a daily basis. Be accountable to God for that goal and report to him on a regular basis. Inquire of him for help in the matter. When you do sit down to eat or Blog, make it meaningful, contol your portions ( you don't have to have some of everything) and always leave something on your plate. Remember that you did not get to where you are over night so you wont get to where you want to be over nite. When you reach your goal don't forget to maintain by continuing to keep God informed.

Love As Always

strem said...

I've really been enjoying your Dad's thoughts. He really should start a blog, but until then, I'll keep enjoying his comments.

As you know, I had to step away for a little while. With my cousin's wedding and being sick and my company being sold and the offer for a new job and my other cousin's passing, everything just got to be WAY TOO MUCH. So, I had to step away and regroup again. As you said, it is important to stop and take stock of everything, reconfirm priorities, etc. Everything is a little more manageable now. But, I sure missed you and the other blog friends when I was away.

Lala said...

Good post.