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Thursday, March 6, 2008


Well folks, I am back online and hopefully New & Improved. I had made a decision today, that when I got back online, that I would set a time limit for myself. Then I read my dad's comment and realized that he had reccommended just that (great minds think alike, Dad!)

I will say that the first 2 days was really difficult, I even dreamed Sunday night that I cheated and got on facebook. Now that's bad! Overall, this just helped me take a break and regroup. (I think, like Elizabeth, I was not very productive- although I was not suffering from a sinus infection like her!) :)

I missed all of you (and Michelle, I'm glad you're back too- missed ya!). I will gradually catch up with reading all your blogs!


Brittany said...

A little cyber get away was just what the doctor ordered. I'm glad it worked for you.

Dani said...

glad your back, and that your blogger vacation wasn't because you were sick (like mine)

Anonymous said...

This Daddy is glad your back and would not tempt you to excess.... BUT THIS DADDY WOULD.

Love Ya
Not Your Borrowed Dad
But your Real Dad

Jeremy Sarber said...

Welcome back.

Lil. Bit said...

Glad to have you back girl! :) I can't wait to see ya next weekend. Bd, will we have the honor of seeing in you next weekend at Salem? I sure do hope so.