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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

God's Protecting Hand

Just thought I would share with you the Lord's work in my life today!

My mother-in-law and I were traveling to Tampa today to pick up her sister from the airport (which is about an hour from where we live). Val doesn't care to drive on the interstate too much, so I offered to drive- it's my old stompping ground, no problem! So into her car we go (which was inspected by Jim's dad for safety and given the green light) :)

As we were nearing the I-4/I-275 junction (which is a heavy traffic area) I hear this loud, train like noise and the car started driving really rough. I knew right away... FLAT TIRE! I was able to merge to the emergency lane (which I had to drive about 50 feet before anyone would let me in) and low-and-behold who was sitting in the emergency lane in front of me handling a traffic violation? A state trooper with the FHP. Now, in the past I have ridiculed the FHP for how "sneaky" they are with their speed traps, but I have changed my whole outlook! This officer (upon completion of the previous task) came right over to our car and asked me if everything was ok. As I told him about our flat tire, he assured me not to worry, he would call roadside assistance for me (they're called road rangers down here) and that they would take care of everything for me. He also informed me of their *FHP service where if any "un-marked" vehicle approached me and I was uncomfortable with the situation, I could dial *FHP on my cell and they would dispact an officer right away.

Not only that, the road ranger was there and had the tire changed in less than 30 minutes! And it was FREE! NO CHARGE! $0.00! WOW!

Then, there was the thought of having to merge back into 60 mile per hour traffic from a complete stop. I said, "Lord, please make it easy for me" and sure enough, there was a huge gap in traffic where I was able to coast right in, no problems at all!

I have seen vehicles spin off the road from the loss of a tire, so I thank the Lord for protecting us and guiding our car to safety. I thank the Lord for that Officer being there to help. I thank the Lord for the Road Ranger service. And I thank the Lord for delivering us back safely with the spare tire!


Elizabeth said...

Wow! Praise the Lord!

I am constantly amazed at the safety we've been blessed with on these roads. We take driving so nonchalantly, but we definitely are kept safe by the grace of God!

Kathy U said...

It is amazing to me how the Lord can be in so many places at the same time. Thank you sharing.

Jeremy Sarber said...

That's great! I once about got myself killed when my truck blew a tire on the Interstate in Indianapolis. Thank the Lord for your safety.

Owl of the Desert said...

Praise the Lord! So thankful you are both okay. Looking forward to seeing you both this weekend!!

Dani said...

We missed you at quilting and were so releaved to find out that all was ok. Hope ya'll made it home safely from B'ham. Talk to you soon!