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Friday, April 11, 2008

Let The Baby Dreams Begin

Last night I officially had my first baby dream. After attempting to eat "real" food (i.e. Italian) I experienced an uncomfortable night of heartburn and odd dreams!

I had started the evening off working on a special babyshower project for my oldest sister, Kimberly, I came across a newborn diaper. My comment to Jim was "Look at how teenie tiny this diaper is" I can't imagine a little baby being so small that it would fit into this teenie tiny diaper. Then came the dream. I dreamt that I had given birth to my baby (is there any significance that I dreamt it was a girl?) Anyways, she was perfectly healthy, absolutely adorable, but it wasn't until I went to put a newborn diaper on her that I realized she was miniature.

Just as this picture illustrates, she was as small as my hand. The newborn diaper completely covered her from head to toe. And to make it all worse, ... I was blinded by a bright light and couldn't locate a cloth diaper to cut to fit my miniature baby. I keep having problems "seeing" in my dreams lately... I think it may have to do with my subconscience trying to convince me to wake up (since I have not been able to open my eyes before 10:00am)

So all you pregnant, or experienced pregnant ladies out there, am I nuts? Is is common to have such weird baby dreams? Anybody else have a crazy dream to share? Please don't let me think I am the only nutty dreamer... my pregnancy emotions can't handle that! LOL


Amanda said...

You are not nuts. I dreamed one time that James stuck his head out of my belly and had a long skinny neck and face that looked like E.T. Now we all know that James DOES NOT have a long skinny neck!! His eyes are kinda big though...... :)
And once I dreamed that Audrey stuck her hand outta my belly and waved it around really fast and we all know that she is a mover and a shaker!!
Don't let the dreams scare you. They are normal and you will continue dreaming about the baby after he/she is born i.e. looking for him in the covers and starting to panick because you just can't find him!!!

Kelly Spezzano said...

Oh Thank goodness! I am glad I am not alone! LOL That's funny about James, Jim was just saying how the pic on the baby ticker looks like E.T. so I suppose I will dream about that tonight! LOL

Dani said...

I can't be of any help. I just have weird dreams period.

Jeremy Sarber said...

I once had a dream that a hamburger was eating me! (Some will get it. Some will not.)

Anyway, I imagine the anticipation of your baby being born has got to be overwhelming at times (in a good way). How exciting.

strem said...

What does it mean if I have dreams like this and I'm not pregnant? Not even close!

Kelly Spezzano said...

Dani- have your wierd dreams been connected with food, or you just have wierd dreams?

Jeremy- That's funny about the hamburger! I don't get the "inside joke" behind it, but it's still a funny thing to think about. Were you on a bun or was there any condiments? LOL

Michelle- I had weird dreams before I was pregnant too, but they were always so random. What about yours? Random or consistant?

Dani said...

Just weird dreams. Though I did dream last night that a rotissary chicken (no idea how to spell that), sat up in the pan and complained about being cooked.

strem said...

Completely random. It has always been that way.

Lisa said...

I frequently had strange dreams when I was expecting Josiah. Some were good, some were horrible. I don't remember specifics anymore, just that they were frequent! Of course, I always have strange dreams. I have a recurring dream where all my teeth fall out. What's that all about!?!?

Kelly Spezzano said...

Lisa-maybe you'll be able to let me know of new pregnancy dreams soon! ;)

I have been stressing that I am not getting enough calcium and that my teeth are going to fall out, but I haven't actually dreamed it! LOL

Dani said...

You know after Brystal was born. Gary kept having this dream where he was going about 80 down I-75 and Brystal was in her carseat on the hood of the car. Everytime he went to slow down to try to get her off, she would start slidding forward where he couldn't reach her. He kept thinking he was going to make her fall off and that he would run her over and kill her.

Just thought you would appreciate that not just expectant mommas have weird baby dreams.

Lori said...
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Lori said...

Comment, take two. It cut off the last three numbers of the URL the first time, rendering it useless. So here goes:

My comment to this was getting to be so long, I decided to create an entry on my blog and link to it:

In a nutshell, I agree with Strem and share some dreams of my own. Then I feebly attempt to explain, according to psychologists anyway, why we have weird dreams.