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Monday, May 19, 2008

As Promised, Pictures of Lindsey Nicole

Ever wondered why they're called "bundles of joy"? Because they bundle 'em up so tight, you'd think they were going to suffocate or something! :) Here is our little peanut (which she has been affectionately nicknamed because she's such a tiny little thing). You would absolutely melt if you got to spend one second with her. She's a dollbaby!
Here is the proud new big sister holding her baby sis for the first time. She is so excited, she "gets" to be on permanant diaper duty!
Here's the proud Poppa (aka Borrowed Dad and soon to be Borrowed Poppa). Since he is the father of three girls (and a boy) he finds it very natural to hold our sweet little peanut! And he is definitely IN LOVE!
Of course mom will be very unhappy with me for posting her picture for all the world wide web to see, but she doesn't realize how beautiful she is, especially holding her newest grandbaby! The look of admiration on mom's face doesn't even justify how much she loves each of her little ones!

I hope to get more pictures later on. I still haven't downloaded the few from our camera. Plus, it'll be nice to get pictures of her in her new home!

My sister and Lindsey are both doing exceptionally well. Kimberly got her staples out from the surgery, and Lindsey had her first weight checkup today (as normal she lost a few ounces at the hospital, but she has gained two ounces back since being home!)


Anonymous said...

I think I'm going to cry.....Again...
What a cute Lil Peanut...
Thanks for the Pics.
I Don't mean to be greedy but I cant wait for Baby Spezzano and Baby Cunningham to get here.

aka: Borrowed Dad
aka: Borrowed Poppa

Dani said...

She is beautiful, but I agree with BD, I can't wait for baby Cunningham. haha ;)

Kelly Spezzano said...

Yes, but notice which Baby came first in that sentence... Baby Spezzano! LOL

Dani said...

That's only cause Baby Spezzano is due first.

Bizz said...

I love the pictures. There is nothing more precious than a innocent newborn!