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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Today was a big day for the Spezzano Family! Jim and I had our "big" sonogram this morning and found out that Joshua Aaron Spezzano will be joining our family in November. For those of you who did not vote on my blog the polls have officially closed! Sorry! :)

Everything is normal, we saw all the vital organs, including all four chambers of Joshua's heart, his kidneys, bladder and brain. (which the tech said measured to be normal) :) There was no sign of a cleft palet and the femur bone was normal as well. So all looks good! Thank you, Lord!

Everyone has been asking, "Is Jim excited" and for all of you who know Jim personally, you will understand this statement "As much as Jim can be excited, yes!" That NY mentality somewhat zaps the excitement emotion from you, not to say that you aren't experiencing it. But if you talk to him, and think that he's not really acting excited, trust me he is. His comment to me was, "I told you it was a boy" with a big smile!

The funniest things have been what the kids have said...

Brady: Aunt Kelly, momma told me you're gonna have a boy!

Me: Yes, are you excited?

Brady: Yes ma'am

Me: Are you going to teach Joshua everything you know?

Brady: Yes ma'am

Me: Like what?

Brady: How to cross eyes and how to be a pirate, that's what boys do!


Brady: Ummm, Aunt Kelly, can I still call him "Baby Bazzano"? (you know Spezzano really is hard for a child to pronounce)

Me: Sure, you can call him "Baby Bazzano" but when he's born you have to call him Joshua!

Brady: Ok

My friend Melissa told her oldest, Connor, the news today too and he said, "I am really glad she's having a boy, becuase if she had a girl she would name her, Lucy and I would be very upset and have to go live with Aunt Kelly" (Lucy is the name Connor has picked out for if/when he has a sister- and he thought for sure I was going to use that name too). Then Melissa told him, "no Aunt Kelly isn't going to use the name Lucy, she was going to name her Elizabeth Gayle, like Grandmommy's name." and he said "Mom, that is not Grandmommy's name, it's Grandmommy"

Kids have some of the funniest things going through their minds... I cannot wait to experience these unforgettable conversations with Joshua!

A common question that I have been asked is, "Will you call him Josh, or Joshie, or Joshua" and I have to say, I don't have problem with nicnames, but I really think it will depend on the personality. If our child is like his dad, serious-minded, I will probably stick with Joshua. If he turns out to be silly like me, then I may consider Josh (probably not Joshie), but we'll just have to wait until we meet our little guy!

I will scan and post our sonogram photos shortly. I have of course been on the phone all day as well as showing off photos to the family! So I will try to get them up by Thursday!


Jeremy Sarber said...

Brady: How to cross eyes and how to be a pirate, that's what boys do!

That's great. He's right by the way. That is what boys do.

Anonymous said...

I for one was one that voted for the "lizabeth" or "Lizy" or " Dizy Lizy". But with the advent of this new news, Don't, I say, Do Not think that you have escaped the curse of MaMa.... "I hope you have a child just like you." Now you must live with the threat of Lizzy still hanging over your head. Or Maybe....Master Joshua... OOOOOOOO just may be just like you. By the by... You must have a nick name. How else will a kid know when He is getting in trouble. It's Josh this and Josh that but when he gets in trouble It's "Joshua Aaron". It's just natural, it will just flow out of your mouth. If you don't give him a right and proper nick name you will end up screaming at him
" Elizabeth Gayle" get over here right now....... and we might have to put him in therapy. You know if he looks alot like Jim we may have to call him little Jim.
Well on to other matters, God Knows what is best for us and I think My Brother Jim Needed a little boy. You know, The First Born and All that Thing. I just hope that the scriptures hold true..."The sins of the son shall not bother the father" But I totally agree Whole heartly with the "YES" I do know he is excited. And Me Too. Is Brady too cute or what? I am amazed at the heart he has. Me and Brady have a lot of things to teach our Baby Bazzano and look forward to Fishing and camping and football and yes just being pirates. Congratulations again, Praise God for his Wonderful Blessings, and Remember that I love you.

aka Borrowed Dad
aka Poppa

His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

Well in addition to having trouble saying Spezzano, Brady also has a hard time with the "sh" followed by the "ua" so he has been telling everyone about his new cousin "Jos-U-a. With an emphasis on the "U".

Congrats! We're so excited!

His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

Ummm when you gonna post something new?