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Thursday, July 10, 2008

I Know, I Know, I am neglecting my blogging duties!

As my sister so subtly pointed out, I have not posted in a while. You would think being pregnant for the first time would present a lot exciting things to write about. However, I am having a fairly uneventful pregnancy.

I have been asked by several people, "Are you feeling Joshua move?" and my answer in the past has been, "I am not quite sure. Maybe." I tried to put into words the things that I was feeling that could possibly be Joshua moving, but I was never able to accurately describe it.

As the weeks have gone on, I can definitely say I am feeling him move. I am not sure I can explain it any better, but the closest I can get to putting into words is it feels like something in my stomach is "twitching". You know that feeling when your lip or eye twitches, only this is on the inside of me. And the funniest part is I feel it most when I am sitting on the couch (like I am now) cross legged, and with my laptop in my lap.

I am at a point in the pregnancy where I am feeling really great! And as I said before, it's been uneventful (thankfully). I have had more strange dreams, one in which my extremely active and fidgety infant turned into a fidgety crab (or beetle, or something) and I kept dropping it because it kept biting me, and then it got slammed in the car door... WHAT WOULD THE PSYCHOLOGIST/PSYCHOTHERAPISTS SAY ABOUT THAT DREAM??? (Yikes)

Now, changing the subject, I would like to take this time to plug this new tv show that Jim and I watched the other night, that I absolutely LOVE! It's called Wipeout. If you have never been the type of person to laugh at other people's stupidity, you may just want to try this show on. It is by far the FUNNIEST thing I have ever watched. On this show, contestants compete against one another in this massively brutal obstacle course. One of the obstacles that I have yet to see anyone actually make it through is this rock climbing wall that has random boxing gloves that pop out and punch the contestants while they are scaling the rock. Another unbelievably funny obstacle is 4 HUGE red rubber balls (I mean MASSIVE) and these people (mostly covered in mud) have to jump from a platform on to the first ball, then the next and so on, but the amount of bounce that is produced by jumping on the ball generally PROJECTS the contestant backwards, sending them right into the water! It's awesome! Trust me, words cannot justify how funny it is to watch these people. And we're not talking about athletic, American Gladiator type people, were talking about average joes and quite a few "ditsy" jills! TUESDAY NIGHTS- ABC- 8:00pm (ET) PREPARE TO LAUGH YOUR HEAD OFF!


Dani said...

"As my sister so subtly pointed out" Are you sure you didn't mean, "not so subtly pointed out" hahaha.

"And the funniest part is I feel it most when I am sitting on the couch (like I am now) cross legged, and with my laptop in my lap." Even Joshua has been telling you it was time to blog, and getting excited at the prospect.

Out of curiousity, when did you start thinking you were feeling him move, and when did you decide it was actually him and not something else.

Kelly Spezzano said...

1). I was being sarcastic!

2). Yes, Joshua loves when mommy is on the computer!

3). It was close to my 19th week that I started thinking I was feeling him move, and it was just last week (20 weeks) that it finally dawned on me that hey, this is consistantly happening and it's not just your stomach growling! :)

His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

I'm so glad you're starting to feel Josh is without a doubt the most reassuring feeling you will ever have! Oh and BTW, sometime subtlety is severly overrated! I got the job done didn't I?

B said...

Sisters have a way of putting it to you when you need it. TWO THUMBS UP! If not that then what else are they for?

Can't wait to see you this weekend!