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Saturday, July 12, 2008

How Much Is Gasoline Worth to You?

Sis Danielle recently posted hers and Gary's experience with picking out names for Baby Cunningham and while I originally was onboard with the infamous nickname of Huckleberry Britt, I have decided to take back my support (in an effort to reverse any possible retailiation that Gary may feel he needs to take with nicknaming our little Joshua). However, I would like to share with our readers a recent article that was featured on the Lakeland Ledger website. I will say this, I am thankful for my husband and I am sure Danielle will be thankful for Gary after reading this story! And trust me, it's worth the read!

Dad Sells Baby’s Naming Rights for Gas Card
Published: Saturday, July 12, 2008 at 5:12 p.m.

David Partin poses with his pregnant girlfriend Samantha Bailey on Thursday in Orlando.
ORLANDO An Orlando man has traded the naming rights to his unborn son for a $100 gas card.
David Partin recently heard that a local radio station was giving $100 worth of free gas to the listener who called in with the most interesting item to trade. Central Florida radio hosts Richard Dixon and J. Willoughby were quick to take Partin up on his offer.
When the baby is born this winter, he will be named Dixon and Willoughby Partin — with the “and” included.
Partin’s girlfriend, Samantha, says at least her son will have an interesting story about how he got his name.
Dixon and Willoughby plan to be at the hospital when the baby is born and will hand over the gas card when they see the official birth certificate.


His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

Uhhh...Does he realize the gas card will be spent before his child even takes his first breath of air? That is why men should not be given the power to name children! And shame on her for not kicking some sense into the "boyfriend"!

Jeremy Sarber said...

I would have went for enough money to pay for the kid's college education. But that's just me.

misslissa78 said...

We all know you went to the Doc today. How's about an update on Joshie.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly Did you ever wonder how you came about your name? We needed tires real bad and they had a deal at the Kelly Tire Store....So You were not found under a cabbage leaf.


Kelly Spezzano said...

I am not so sure that that story makes me feel any better! Cabbage leaf vs. tire store.... hmmmmmm

At least Joshua's name was well thought out, we set out to find a good strong bible name, but a TIRE STORE?????

I think I might be offended! ;) (just kidding)

Kelly Spezzano said...

As Jim pointed out, it'll cost more than a $100 gas card to legally change the child's name... and I think my sister was the one who said on Sunday that the guy probably won't even get a full tank of gas with the $100.00 (that is assuming that he is driving a big ol' redneck gas guzzeling truck) :)

Dani said...

I hope they realize that in the state of Florida the father has no naming rights, so technically he couldn't make that trade. What's really sad is that he settled for a $100 gas card, I mean that might fill up a small vechile twice down here.

Pathetic. I guess Gary's naming scheme isn't as bad as I thought.