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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I am 5 1/2 months a long (as of yesterday) and had a routine doctor visit today. While I may be exaggerating when I say this, I could have had the baby and put him through college already by the time they called me back for my appointment this morning. I am not sure what the purpose of having an appointment is, when 40 minutes after your scheduled appointment you are finally be called back to the exam room, then after a 5 minute visit with the nurse, you wait an additional 15 to 20 minutes to see the doctor. And would you believe that my blood pressure was normal?

Ok, well now that I have vented about that, on to more important things! Everything checked out fine with Joshua. I was able to hear the heartbeat as usual. The nurse laughed at how quickly he moves away from the Doppler. I told her he is definitely a mover. The routine questions were asked: "Are you able to feel the baby move?" to which I was finally able to answer proudly "YES".

I have gained back 7 of the 10 pounds that I lost when I was so sick... the one time I am actually happy about a weight gain! My doctor feels like I will probably gain back the 10 I lost and another 10 (or at least I hope no more than that).

And, now- confession time... I posted a blog back at the beginning of June that my morning sickness was ended and that I was off the B-6 & unisom. Unfortunately, several days after that post, I learned (the hard way) that the morning sickness was not over so Jim suggested I start taking the B-6/unisom again. When I spoke with my doctor at the last appointment. She suggested that maybe because I stopped so suddenly that that was why I got sick again so she put me on a schedule to ween me off the medicine. I was told take your normal dosage for two weeks and then go to every other day for two weeks... well my first day off after the two weeks, I got terribly sick (NOTE: I will not be eating grilled cheese for a very long time).

Well, all that to say, after talking to the doctor today, she reassured me that it was ok to continue the medicine, that I am just in that small percentage of women who remain sick the whole pregnancy! JOY!

There's not a whole lot more to say: we will have another appointment on August 12 in which we will have hopefully our last ultrasound. The yummy sugar water test! :( and doctor visit. I am hoping we receive good news with the ultrasound that the placenta has moved and I will be cleared for a normal delivery, but we'll see!


misslissa78 said...

You are more than welcome to take my kids with you to your next Dr visit . I promise it will help the time go by faster, or slower...hmmmm

Kelly Spezzano said...

Negatory on that one! :)

Bekah said...

Hi there! I'm invading your blog too! You poor thing, sick through the second trimester is not fair at all.

Kelly Spezzano said...

Yea, more readers! :)

As for the morning sickness, all I can think of is the constant reminder that it is but a "light affliction" But between you, me and the world wide web... I am very thankful for B-6 & unisom! :)

Dani said...

That wait is horrible. I was so mad, last time, I had a 4 pm appointment their last one of the day, made Gary leave work an hour early so that he could hear the heartbeat with me for the first time, and after waiting in the front for 20 minutes, we got called back to wait in the back for 40 minutes. by the time the doctor got back there, Gary could have worked his shift, and walked to the appointment. Sheesh, I feel like, when I promise to be there at 4 you promise to see me at 4, not 5:20.

misslissa78 said...

There is a secret to the " waiting game". Sorry Dani, you will have to wait a couple of weeks before it will work but hang in there:-) You simply walk over to the receptionist ( looking desperate) and say " Um, if they still want me to go to the bathroom, I need to go NOW". Somebody will get up and move you I promise! And the good news is , by that time you won't be lying !

Kelly Spezzano said...

Mel-That actually had crossed my mind as I sat there thinking about the 16.9oz bottle of water I drank before my appointment. I did actually REALLY have to go, but my bladder held on for the addional 40minutes!

Dani-I whole heartedly agree, they would not be happy if I arrived 40 minutes late... but they have the upper hand, so I won't play that game with them! ;)

Lisa said...

The bathroom thing doesn't always work. My Doctor's office would let me come back to use the bathroom, then send me right back to the waiting room! I try to be patient at the OBs office, though. I know of at least two times when he had to keep patients waiting because he was dealing with me. Once was when he had to give me bad news and I didn't take it well. The other was when Josiah was born far more quickly than anyone expected! He was supposed to be having office hours, but instead had to come deliver my baby! :-)

Kelly Spezzano said...

Lisa- yeah Mel and I were just joking around! That is actually one of the reasons we both like this doctor so much is because she does take the time with each of her patients and it is not just a rush visit each time. So, I do understand, but this was the first time I had to wait so long and I was by myself (unprepared-with nothing to do) :)