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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tribute To Uncle Thomas

After a brief visit with Uncle Thomas a few weeks back, it was brought to my attention, that he had posted a comment on the blog when I announced the pregnancy to which I must have overlooked. So I thought that I would do a special tribute post just for you, Uncle Tom! :)

Here is an old photo of Uncle Thomas holding Jim as a young tot! While I am so thankful to have met and married Jim, it is a little sad that it was so late in life that I was not able to get to know his extended family as closely as I would like, however, I was able to meet Uncle Thomas on my first trip to NY and I thought I would share my experience.
Of course, as the first trip, this was the first time meeting everyone... moms, dads, sisters, brother-in-laws, nieces, nephews, grandmas, uncles, cousins... so naturally, I wasn't a bit nervous! :)
We got off the airplane and headed to Jim's parents where we enjoyed a lovely lunch of delicous cold cuts on the biggest Kaiser rolls I'd ever seen... I think there were some "pickings" as well (pepperoni, cheese, olives, etc)... then we set off to meet Grandma Nell and Uncle Thomas. Here we were greeted with a HUGE lasagna that smelled heavenly and very small appetites. We sat doen and visited with Uncle Thomas and Grandma Nell, and after forcing ourselves to eat the helping of lasagna set before us, Uncle Thomas got up to serve us our second helping... I think it may be unlawful to not have seconds in an Italian household! :)
Fortunately, after several declines, we were able to convince Uncle Thomas that we had no more room for seconds... however, there's always room for Enteman's. We had a lovely afternoon, and I was made to feel very welcome and have had several other occaisions to visit with Uncle Thomas! As I said before, I would love to be closer to them so I could get to know them as Jim does, but I will take the short visits I can get, and be content.
Hopefully we can get a picture of Uncle Thomas holding Joshua after he's born so that we can add it to the family album and tell Joshua when he's older that not only did Unlce Thomas hold him as a little boy, but he even held daddy, when daddy was a little boy! :)
We enjoyed our visit Uncle Thomas and look forward to seeing you again soon!
We Love You,
Jim and Kelly


Anonymous said...

It shouldn't go without saying that the Kelly side of the family fell in love with our Jimmy Spezzano. What a dear member he has become of our family. Then the Blessings of meeting and Knowing Val and Sal, and to have them here to get close to. I think Beverly and Val really enjoy being together and enjoy one anothers company and Sal is a great guy to be around, I just wish that I was retired so that I could spend more time around him. During the wedding we met alot of Jim's family but as so often is the case it is only a brief meeting and we don't really get to know each other very well. I really enjoyed your posting about Jim's Uncle Thomas and would like very much to meet him. I think it would be a really cool idea to periodically post an over view of different ones so that we could get to know one another better. Maybe even a Spezzano/Miller Blog spot dedicated to both families to communicate to each other. What do you think? Anyhow I am grateful that you have been able to meet Uncle Thomas and to share him with us.

Love You
Kelly's Dad

Owl of the Desert said...

I love the picture of Jim and his Uncle Thomas. Thanks for sharing the story of your first visit.