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Friday, October 3, 2008

Answer: Things that make a pregnant girl cry

Question: What is "spilling an entire order of McDonald's french fries on the garage floor"?

Need I say anymore?

Well, I needn't say any more, but of course, you know me, I can't leave it at just that! :)

I went through the McDonald's drive-thru this afternoon, I waited until I got home to eat my french fries (normally I would consume them as I was driving). I got out of the car and placed the bag on top of the car (along with my drink) and headed to the mailbox to get the mail... as I walked back to the car... hands full of junk mail and bills I reached up to grab my soda and bag o' fries when much to my dismay, the bag ripped, sending my fries plummiting to the garage floor and "SPLAT" not a single fry left in the bag or the fry box... I blame the post office! Why??? Because I am an irrational pregnant woman that just lost an entire order of hot, salty deliciousness~ That's why! Sooooo THANK YOU USPS~ Just see if I buy stamps anytime soon!


Dani said...

I would have cried too!

His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

EVIL POSTMASTER! Is he unaware of the importance to a growing baby to recieve that vital nutrition from the french fries?!?

Anonymous said...

I shall buy you and Jos-u-a French Fries! 143

Bekah said...

Heck, I would have cried and I'm not even pregnant. French fries are practically their own section of the food pyramid.

misslissa78 said...

LOL Bekah said EXACTLY what I was going to say!!! I know I would have cried:-D

Gary B. said...

While reading this blog it occurs to me that there were a few errors of judgment...

1. McDonalds fries are the best hot and in the bag what else could you be doing while waiting for lights to change

2. The smell alone could have been enough punishment. Did you at least sneak one fry?

3. If the fries that fell to the ground, if they are not touching the garage floor then by rule they are still safe to eat ( for an example the fry that is on top of the fry that is on the floor is safe.)

Kelly Spezzano said...

To Gary B's comments:

1.When you're pregnant (as you should know from your wife) and the craving you have is for french fries WITH ketchup... it doesn't pacify you to eat the fries while they are in the bag as you are sitting at lights!.

2. See comment above

3. You obviously don't understand the word "SPLAT" that I used... the fries were spread from one end of the car to the other on the garage floor... not even a fry to salvage off of another fry... and while I am not as gross as you Cunninghams... I may have been desparate enough to just eat a fry that was on top of a fry at that point... but alas... "SPLAT"