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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Checklist Update

1. Last Day of work "CHECK"

My boss, Julie, and some of the front office stafff that I worked with periodically threw me a going away/baby shower at work. It was a complete suprise and of course made me tear up as I walked into the conference room.
While the real estate office has over 100 agents, these are the people that I worked very closely with and I appreciate so much their generosity!
This is me and Julie(in front of the group). As we said goodbye before I left, we shed a few tears and exchanged several hugs. It felt as if I was losing a family member, but we kept reminding each other that we live just around the corner (literally) and will continue a life-long friendship!

2. All Day Prepared Childbirth Class "CHECK"
When given a choice of a 4-week long class, a two Saturday class, or an all-day Saturday class, my choice was a two-Saturday class... however, due to "phone issues" with the course admissions dept, we were "stuck" taking this class in one all-day Saturday session. 9:ooam-5:00pm... Of course, going into it, we were not very enthusiastic as it seemed like such a long time to sit in a classroom... especially when you are 36 weeks pregnant! However, the class was not that bad and we did learn several techniques and information that will hopefully help in the upcoming days! My one complaint is that the class was mostly geared towards women who were having a natural (no-meds) birth and showed LOTS and LOTS of distressed tense women. Even though the instructor said at the beginning of the course that you are not a hero if you deliver naturally and you are not a "wuss" if you get an epidural, she seemed to make it fairly clear that she was one that did not really "support" the epidural. But overall, she was a great instructor! Very energetic, humorous, etc!

As a side note, it was very interesting to learn that out of the 17 couples that were at the class, only 2 of us were having boys, 2 couples chose not to find out the sex of their baby and the rest of the couples were having girls! And the majority of us were due in November and December!

3. Turn 30... well, as of this evening, I decided that I would not celebrate my 30th birthday tomorrow, but instead, celebrate the end of my 20's today! So, Jim and I went to Chili's for dinner and I had an appetizer AND an entree!

4. Pack bag for hospital... not yet, but learned a good tip today at the class, Pack a small bag for triage/labor & delivery (this would be items you will use specifically in these areas... i.e. music or focal point materials, socks- becuase apparently your feet tend to get really cold during labor, long-sleeve shirt for hubby- because you apparently get really hot and will freeze your hubby right out of the room, camera, etc.) the other bag will be left in the car until after you have had the baby and will contain the items you need for your "48-hour" stay. Good tip I thought!

5. Write thank you notes for shower #2... please bear with me ladies... I am working on them! Not as efficient as I was after the LU shower! Sorry!

6. Wash all baby toys, bottles, pacifiers, etc... I promise, soon!

7. Convince hubby to finish renovations in the house... ummmm, yeah he's got a lot on his plate, I think I am going to let this one slide and possibly cross it off the list!

8. Finish washing any baby clothes that have not been washed yet... there's only 3 outfits right now, so I am waiting for a larger load! (in other terms, procrastinating) :)

9. Obtain a few more plastic storage bins to hold larger baby clothes not being used... maybe on Tuesday

10. Baby proof entire house (although, Josh won't be crawling for quite a while)... Do I really need to baby proof yet?? I think I will procrastinate on this one too!

11. Determine what exactly does go in a diaper bag (besides the obvious diapers and wipes)... Thanks to all the wonderful tips from my readers, now I know what to put in the diaper bag so I will check this off the list, but then add:


I will also add, #13- Practice breathing exercises with Jim- I appreciated that the instructor explained today that the breathing does not take away the pain, but helps you work through the pain... I have heard so many women say "Oh, that's a waste of time, it doesn't work" but if I know it's not supposed to make the pain go away, but just help place the focus elsewhere, then I think it will be a lot better going through this prior to receiving the "Good Stuff" (AKA- epidural)


Anonymous said...

The breathing exercises do help you work through the pain -- and not just the pain of child birth.

I have kicked furniture with my little toes and been headbutted in the nose by Brooke during play and various other accidents that cause severe pain.

Each time I have resorted to my breathing exercises am amazed at how it calms me down and refocuses the pain.

Glad to see the checklist is being checked :)

Happy First Birthaversay, twin!

Bekah said...

I think the Preparing class would have scared me to death! It's so awesome that you are moving through your checklist and got that lovely Last Day of Work/Baby Shower party.