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Saturday, November 8, 2008

It Is Finished!

I have had numerous requests to post photos of the nursery and as of this week, and Jim completing a few items on my "Honey-do" list, the nursery is finally complete and ready to be showcased!

We chose the smaller of the three bedrooms in our house as the nursery with two thoughts in mind: 1). How much room could a little baby really need (BIG MISTAKE) and 2). The other room will be plenty of room for a guest room/office (WRONG)... However, once the paint went on the walls in the nursery, there was no turning back! :) It's probably a blessing in disguise that the room is so small, less room= less stuff... RIGHT???

Well, here are the pics, and I also included (for the very first time on this blog) a video at the end. If you read Kerry's blog about the baby shower at her house, the video is one of the two toys that cousin Grace bought for Joshua and it is so entertaining, I had to get it on video to share with all of you... I have a feeling the batteries will need to be replaced before Joshua arrives because I can't stop playing with it! :)

These are the paintings my sister, Kerry, did for Joshua-

The Crib and bedding (and the paintings)

The turtle bedding and ducky rug!

The dresser/changer combo w/ the shelves of toys!

The very organized closet (at least for now)


Anonymous said...

Good thing the montage doesn't drain the batteries, cuz Brooke, Lindsey and I watched it four times!


His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

What a beautiful room. Joshua will love spending time in his room. Would you believe, Brady still talks about his "humpty dumpty" room from the old house!

Amy Ellen said...

I like that crib, your room is quite pretty.


Bekah said...

It is beautiful! You are a wonderful "nester". And the baby ticker is into single digits...I'm SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!

Anonymous said...

Are we there yet?..... Is it time to go yet?......Your count down reminds me of the church song.... Angel Band. "My days are passing swiftly by, My race is nearly run. Yet I can't wait for our Joshua's arrival. I cant wait to have fun. Oh come my little man, come and hold my hand. Bear me my folly a little while, and I will entertain Thee....We'll run and we'll play and we'll even sing, You are Gods Gift to me.

Love From Poppa

strem said...

I know I've missed so much of your news in the recent months, but you have not left my prayers. Hope you are feeling well and have a great week. I can't wait to catch up and to see your little boy.