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Monday, January 19, 2009


I have had several people request that I put up a baby picture of me compared to Joshua's baby picture (since I had posted one of Joshua and Jim)... but ALAS, I have a very sad story to tell all my readers... I HAVE NO BABY PICTURES!

"It must be becuase you were the third child" some might say. My mom and dad "SAY" they were ruined because they had all my baby book(s) in the utility shed outside and it rained and ruined them.... Even though my sisters' baby stuff were kept in the hope chest inside... Hmmm sounds a little fishy to me!

I actually accused my parents when I was in middle school of lying to me that I was really adopted and they just weren't telling me... I mean look at the facts:

1). I had light brown hair (blonde as a child) and everyone else in the family had dark dark brown/black hair
2). I have blue/green eyes not to be compared with the dark brown eyes of the rest of my immediate family.
3). I (compared to my siblings) had legs that seemed a mile long and the rest of my family??? Short! (As a matter of fact, I think besides Kyle, I may be the tallest, even taller than mom and dad)
The list could go on and on....

However.... as I have gotten older and my hair has darkened. And I have been mistaken for my sisters ONE TOO MANY TIMES... As a matter of fact, there have been several occaisions where Jim has done a double take becuase Kerry and I might be wearing a similar outfit, and I -9 times out of 10- have the same hair style as she... I have FINALLY decided that maybe my pictures WERE ruined in the shed and I WASN'T actually adopted (or found under a rock on the side of the road as Kimberly and Kerry used to tell me).

But I am not bitter about it! :) hee hee.


Bekah said...

I'm sure you were an absolutely LOVELY baby!

Mom used to tell us that she found me under a rock and Rachel was a blue-light special from K-Mart. It must be a family thing because Mom was also convinced that Grandpa brought her home from Korea (because she had straight black hair and was shorter than all her siblings) AND they told Aunt Gayle that she was adopted when she was little and that's why there weren't pictures of her. :-)

His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

I like to think it something more pleasant as a cabbage patch you were found in...but I guess since most people confuse us, maybe we both were in the same cabbage patch!

Anonymous said...

Well another similarity you forgot to mention is that you and daddy have the same cornball humor -- that is definitely an inherited trait!

I just always thought the "finding you under a rock story" would make you feel ... Special! Tee Hee!