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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Joshua's Got A New Set Of Wheels

Due to the severe thunderstorms on Tuesday evening, Jim and I were forced by a power outage at our house to go out to eat for dinner. After speaking to my mom, we made arrangements to meet her, daddy and Kyle for dinner. We enjoyed a nice casual dinner together with great conversations... one of which included mom telling me not to leave before she gives me something for Joshua. I of course thought it was going to be an easter basket or something of the sort but when we walked out to the van you can imagine my surprise when she pulled out this HUMONGOUS box that contained a brand new set of wheels for Joshua! That's right, Joshua has a "Sounds N' Lights Activity Walker". I was so EXCITED!!!! I had looked at a couple of walkers online, and after seeing the prices was considering going to the consignment shop that Mel has been telling me about... but now, thanks to my wonderful mommy (who's not a little bit mean anymore) and daddy, Joshua can be mobile (while still be contained and accounted for)

We got home from the restaurant (Jim's dad had called to tell us the power was back on) and I fed Joshua and put him to bed... While he was napping, I put together the walker, ran through the bells and whistles (including the safety tips and what-nots). He slept his usual 20-30 minutes and was ready to get up and play. I put him in his new toy and boy did he give it a good once over before deciding that this was PRETTY COOL! As you can see in the videos, I was certain that he was not going to be going anywhere quite yet (there are several clips of me videotaping his feet NOT touching the floor.) But, much to my surprise, he has figured out already that if he shifts his body a certain way, that his feet touch the floor and then he pushes himself backwards. He was quite impressed with himself at dinner tonight when he started out next to mamma and dadda at the table and ended up behind mamma (where I laughed at him and told him to "Come Back Here!!!"

This is going to be a great tool! While Joshua was not able to get the words out "Thank you, Gramma and Poppa" I am saying for the record on this blog (and in a thank you note to be mailed shortly) THANK YOU GRAMMA AND POPPA!!! WE LOVE JOSHUA'S NEW SET OF WHEELS!


His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

He's going to be buzzing around the house in that snazzy ride very soon! Oh and the song on the video! Matthew will be very happy!

Anonymous said...

How cute! I was amazed at how quickly the girls figured out they could go backwards. This will really help strengthen his back muscles. Mom and Dad ROCK!

Dani said...

I love how he keeps playing with and hitting on the steering wheel. He's going to be like a New Yorker, laying on that horn.

I love his laugh!

misslissa78 said...

Love it !!

sweet tooth said...

His laugh make me laugh so hard!
his legs are almost there!

Anonymous said...

O.K., O.K....Me and Gramma just got to see the video of Joshua and his new set of wheels. Wowww. How funny was he. It was so cute. I love it. A boy and his first set of wheels. One step closer to freedom and independance. Good job Gramma. I think he likes it. Thanks for the video and your welcome your welcome.
Love Poppa & Gramma