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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Everything is Just Ducky...

It's hard to believe that in the 14 1/2 months of Joshua's life, this is the first time we have ever taken pics/video of him taking a bath. Mostly because I have never been keen on the idea of taking my eye off him for a second (not even to turn the camera on)- I am very paranoid of him being in the bathtub. And now, in order to conserve time, he mostly just takes a shower with me... (sorry if that is TMI for some of you). I am still paranoid that he will slip and fall in the shower (even though we have a non-slip bath mat. ALL THAT TO SAY- I was hanging up clothes in his closet the other day and thought I would occupy him by blowing up his rubber duck bath/pool and let him play in/with it while I hung up the clothes.

He liked it so much that I started thinking it might just keep him occupied and contained in the shower too and I was right! He had so much fun. And Jim got home just in time to get the camera and snap some good photos and video of him splashing. I also took some video of him playing with the duck in the living room. If you listen carefully, you can hear him "grunt" when he picks it up... and the whole time he is chatting away... not too sure what all he is saying, but it's the most talking he has EVER done!


Anonymous said...

How cute! And let me translate what Joshie was saying, "Duck, Ducky, why don't you quack? Duck, Ducky where are your feet? Duck, Ducky, why do you let me throw you around and don't fly away? Duck, Ducky, you are very comfortable. Hey, look I can throw toys inside you." And I have been checking your blog everyday waiting for you to post something!


Dani said...

He is too cute with that ducky. And WOW, I have never heard him say so much at one time. I also am loving the song choice there. :)

Melissa said...

Oh my goodness...I just saw this video! How incredibly cute LOL! What a joy it was to see him having a grand ol time! Love you guys!