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Monday, February 8, 2010

Whistle While You Work

One of my most favorite things about Joshua right now is how much he LOVES helping me with things. Anytime I go to the pantry to get something for dinner/lunch etc. Joshua is right under my feet and wants to carry that item for me. He also enjoys helping me push the laundry basket full of clothes to where ever it needs to go. So he definitely has Jim's worker mentality (he certainly didn't get it from me). And since he is so much like his dadda, it only makes sense that he tries to be like him (as you will see in this video). Let me paint the picture for you. Each morning, Jim makes his lunch and packs it in a red cooler bag, kisses me and Joshua and says "bye bye- Dad has to go to work now" and disappears through the garage to the car and off to work (the Varnum's have been so gracious and allowed Jim to use their barn as a workshop). So, naturally, Joshua understands that he must carry something and go to the garage when it is time for him to go to work... It is quite adorable!


Dani said...

Looks like you'll be able to turn over some housework chores in no time (yes!)

His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

So when can he come to Aunt Kerry's house to help out?

Anonymous said...

Mimmy loves the break-dancing move infront of the garage door! And, Lindsey would love for Joshie to come over so they can do housework together!