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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ravioli Fun

Jim and I celebrated our 6th Anniversary on Saturday. We (Jim, Joshua and I) went to Sarasota for the day to the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens. When we got married, one of the things we did in San Fran for our honeymoon was visit the Botanical Gardens there, and we have since visited the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, and it would be safe to assume that if we ever get to travel again, we will probably choose destinations with Botanical Gardens as well. We both absolutely love it! (and I will post a video of the pictures later).

On Sunday, after church, we continued with our Anniversary celebration (as well as my Mother's Day celebration) with a cooking date! Several years ago we purchase a couple of ravioli making forms (pictured below). We had actually purchased them for a cooking project not related to ravioli (and BTW- it didn't work). But I came across the forms when I was SPRING CLEANING (yuck) and said a couple of weeks ago that I wanted to try to make home made raviolis

We had such a great time, Joshua even got a little dough to play/eat/throw on the floor. Jim did the majority of the work (that dough is hard to roll out) and plus he is the real Italian (and I am just the wanna-be). After working with that dough for so long, Jim decided to take a short cut with the left over dough and make one big ravioli calzone (you will see it pictured in the video below) It turned out to be a YUMMY short cut too! All in all, it was the most delicious dinner I have had (but then again, I say that about every meal now a days) :)


Dani said...

That looked yummy. Loved the music too by the way. ;)

His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

I can smell the yumminess all the way over here!

Brittany said...

Happy Anniversary!