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Monday, August 2, 2010

A/C News

To ALL my readers (you know, all 12 of you):

Thank you again for the cool thoughts you sent our way. Joshua and I camped out in my and Jim's room with the fan on high and the blinds blocking out all the sun (it seemed to be the coolest room in the house). We drank lots of liquid and tried to move VERY little. (Well at least I tried to move very little, it's hard to keep a 20 month old boy still for more than a few seconds at a time) But at around 4:00 on Friday, the A/C man got to the house, identified the problem (quite quickly) and proceeded to fix it. By 5:30 we had a working A/C again!

We left to go eat dinner (because it was too hot to cook) and thankfully by the time we got back home the house was cooled down quite a bit.


Dani said...

I tell you that Postmaster is making the rounds! At least he didn't get you for long this time.

Amy Ellen said...

I am so glad you got your air conditioning fixed it is soooo hard to function in the heat. Ours is supposed to be working again today.. It did not get too bad really but 82 is still hard to sleep in when you are used to 70.
Be Blessed

Amy Ellen said...

OH and again thank you for your kind words. : )