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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Potty Training Week 2 Recap

(Joshua reading his bible stories while potty training)

Potty Training is EXHAUSTING!!! Who knew? (besides every parent out there who has been through it) :)

I will preface this post by saying, this is not me complaining, because my son is doing exceptionally well with the potty training. However, we are going to revert back to nakey baby/mostly nakey baby method for another week or perhaps two. Perhaps I was a bit rushed to think that one week of nakey potty training was sufficient enough to move on to underwear training.

Having said that, he didn't do too terribly bad. I'll put it this way, we did not go through the entire drawer of undies this week (although, we did go through a lot). So we'll go back to no undies this coming week and give that some more practice. And we still need to work on that aim a little. We did go to Hebron PBC last night for church services and Joshua did great, no accidents and then right after church I took him to the "big boy potty" and even though he is not a big fan of the big potty, he did manage to go piddles (only because I stood there saying, "Joshua, don't piddle on mom" and he giggled and tried his hardest to accomplish that- what a boy!)

I leave you with this, a musical montage of what we sing when we're sitting on the potty!


Bekah said...

ROFL...potty time sounds fun at your house! Joshua has amazing pitch!

Dani said...

That is my favorite version of Ba-Ba Black Sheep EVER! hahaha so funny Joshua

Kelly Spezzano said...

He gets that from me Bekah (haha)

Dani, the first time I ever sang BaaBaa black sheep to Joshua in front of Jim's family they are picked on me saying "what kind of racist song is that, with the verse 'one for my master'"? so I changed the words and started singing "one for my momma, one for my dad, one for Joshua when he's not bad" and so Joshua has shortened it to only include dadda when he's not bad ROFL!

Anonymous said...

Baa Baa Black Sheep Had A Farm!!!!! ROFL! Boy is he the cutest boy in the world! I just wish he wasn't so camera shy ;)