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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Potty Training Week 1 Recap and Week 2 Happenings

Well, if you had asked me last Monday how I thought Joshua would do with Potty Training, I would have told you he was not ready, I was not ready, and we should all call the whole thing off. However, after the attitude adjustment(s) Tuesday through Saturday were a breeze. It's a little bit surreal that he picked up on potty training so well. As I mentioned in previous posts, we went with the "nakey baby" method (which is a little difficult when the weather in FL throws you a curve ball and gives you frigid arctic air in the middle of November) With the heater on, and a pair of socks and shirt, we went with the "nakey bottom" method. By the third day, Joshua was pretty much running to the potty on his own when he needed to go. I would remind him several times throughout the day. But he had really grasped the concept quite well. On Wednesday and Sunday, he and I sat on the back pew (towel on the pew) and he wore his big-boy underwear. He did great. No accidents at all!

Our lesson for week 2 is to get Joshua used to wearing underwear and the complications that come with that. I will say this about little boy underwear, I don't know why they make little boys undies so tight around the waste, he cannot get them off by himself. But that didn't hinder him in any fashion. He did great all day yesterday and would come and get me when he needed to use the potty. We even made it up to Walmart wearing underwear instead of pull-ups and no accidents the entire time! Anyway. We had one accident last night, the "I've got more important things to do" culprit appeared. But, we knew that would happen eventually. All in all, I would say that the Lord has greatly blessed this to be an easy transition. And I am truly thankful for that!

So we will just stay close to home this week and work on our potty training with underpants on and occasionally venture out to Sams and Walmart.


Brittany said...

You are a brave woman! Sams & Walmart...GO YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

Use training underwear...they are easier to pull up and down. They also absorb more wetness if he was to have an accident. You can get them at wal-mart and they come with cute designs now. They are a must have for potty training. I've used them with all three of my boys. Wishing you the best with this new milestone!!

Anonymous said...

GO Joshie, GO Joshie! You're a big boy! You're a big boy! *sniff sniff* And after this STOP growing up! Mimmy is not ready!


His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

Well he is a pretty smart little man, so of course he picked it up easy breezy! Yay!