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Saturday, December 11, 2010

What's Your Favorite?

There is a commercial on TV hosted by a local news station where the news anchors each list their favorite childhood gift. I thought it would be neat to hear from all "4" of my blog readers (hee hee) what your favorite childhood gift was and your favorite gift as an adult. (Even if you didn't celebrate Christmas as a child, you could list your favorite gift from anything)

My favorite gift as a child was the year we (my sister and I) got the entire HOTWHEELS City. It was soooooo awesome, especially the intersections where you could push a button and it would send the car "speeding" through the intersection- I also liked the intersection where the pedestrian was crossing (let's just say that pedestrian sustained many a broken bones)

My favorite gift as an adult: the gift of eternal salvation. I have come to an appreciation and love of my Lord and Saviour that I never understood as a child.... No gift could top it!


Hannah Sue said...

hmmm... my favorite childhood gift... I guess my gameboy advance. That was pretty neat. As an adult... a college education lol

Anonymous said...

Well, not to steal your gift, but my favorite was the Hot Wheels City! Imagine that, three girls and we LOVED our Hot Wheels City. I remember not only playing with that for hours at a time, but I remember us playing with it for years. I remember us cracking up as we, once again, sent the car speeding through the intersection and, once again, took the innocent life of Plastic Pedestrian Man. I remember all three of us sitting on the floor with Daddy!

As an adult, this is going to be sooooo corny. My favorite gift was the year Phil bought me my own razor. I had used disposable my whole life and I had bought some at Sam's club that turned out to be the worst things in the world. The head was so tiny it took twice as long to shave and I complained for months about how much I hated them. But because I had bought them at Sam's Club, I, of course, had a small truck load of them to use up before I would buy others. Phil really thought about what I would want and need for Christmas that year and bought me a real grown up razor that I just have to buy blades for!


Bekah said...

I think my favorite childhood present, that I remember, was my very first Cabbage Patch kid. There was just something about that ugly, plastic headed baby that I loved.

My favorite present as an adult are the cashmere house slippers I got a few years ago. So soft and warm!!

His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

I guess I'm reader number 4 LOL! My favorite gift as a child was NOT the hotwheels city (although it was a lot of fun). But the Atari! I loved the bowling game, pac mac(as Brady calls it)and of course who can resist Big Birds egg catch!
I think my favorite gift as an adult would be my engagement ring!

Owl of the Desert said...

Hmmm...this is a tough one! Can I fudge and have a few? My favorite gifts as a child were my Nintendo (the original one!), my first Bible (I love looking at how "colorful" it is from the different highlighters I used), and my boombox - I thought I was sooo grownup when I got it. But, perhaps the best thing that came with that was an introduction to Christian music, which helped get me through high school!

My favorite gift as an digital camera!

Dani said...

This is hard. And oh, you so have more than four readers.

As a kid, probably any books I could get my hands on. Or maybe the barbie horse I got one year from my aunt. I hated barbies, but that was one cool horse.

As a grown up, probably my digital camera or video camera. I can't live without those things. haha.