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Friday, January 27, 2012

GAPS Update

Proper planning prevents poor performance.... (if I had properly planned for meals this week, I would not have experienced the following discovery)

Today, I didn't have anything in the house for lunch and decided to take Joshua to Subway. On the GAPS diet, we are not supposed to give him any kind of grains (gluten allergies as well as undigestable properties). But what can I say, the kid loves a spicy italian sandwich (and with the $5.00 deal, it makes it very tempting).

I should have taken the meat off the bread and given him just the meat. But what can I say, the kid loves his carbs...

Tonight, he was BOUNCING off the wall at bedtime. Actually, it was more like bouncing out of his bed... I thought about all the things he ate today, and the bread was the only thing on the list that he is NOT supposed to eat. I have to assume that he definitely has a gluten sensitivty.

Good to know.

Other than that, we are doing pretty good on the diet. I say we, not because Jim and I are doing the full diet, but we as in, I prepare Joshua's meals, so we are doing good in that general area of life (haha).

He has really enjoyed the new recipes we have tried. He especially likes the banana pancakes (or crepes) and he loves to eat meat wrapped in lettuce or cabbage leaves and call them tacos. Additionally, he has learned that he LOVES brussell sprouts and swiss/rainbow chard. He used to love to eat salads full of different veggies, but now, he only wants to eat lettuce (with EVOO and salad seasoning).
(Chicken Cabbage Wraps & Brussell Sprouts- YUM!)

He has stopped liking most soups (except the black bean & sausage soup at Crispers). It's like pulling teeth to get him to eat my homemade soups now... His veggies are a struggle sometimes, although I found a little trick, he will eat ANYTHING (and I mean ANYTHING) if I give him a little dollop of honey to dip it in.
(This one is just for fun!)

I get such a kick out of this picture.
He got a cape and mask for Christmas from
Jim's sister & family and he thinks the
bucket makes a great hat! But the lack of
pants really makes the whole outfit!


Anonymous said...

Yes, I was gonna say, the lack of pants is what really pulls the whole outfit together!


Dani said...

You are right, the lack of pants is what makes the outfit. :) Love that picture!

Owl of the Desert said...

So glad to hear the changes are going well. That last picture is so cute!