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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Family Photos

I got some really good photos today of Brooke, Abbey and Brady in their Easter outfits. We had a wonderful day in the Lord and then went and spent the afternoon with my mom's side of the family and enjoyed our time there too. My aunt and uncle just had a baby about a month ago, so needless to say the day revolved around ooh's and ahh's today! :)

Here Abbey and Brady are doing their best Bunny and Egg impression :)

This is me and Baby Max! Don't ya just love the new baby smell? :)

My sister, Kimberly and Max (and baby Riffel kicking the whole time)

Like I said, we had a really nice day. Hope you all did too!


Jeremy Sarber said...

It was a great day. I'm glad to hear yours was too.

Amanda said...

Cute kiddies! Glad y'all had a good day and I just LUV the name Max!

Bizz said...

You've got some beautiful genes running in your family! It looks like y'all had almost as much fun as we had at the Ulmer compound!

Dani said...

The kiddies all look like cuties. I love Brooke's boots.

~*Rachel*~ said...

adorable, family togetherness....good times!

strem said...

Now, how are all these youngins related to you?

Kelly Spezzano said...

Abbey and Brady (the bunny and egg) are my middle sisters two children.
Brooke (w/ the cowgirl boots) is my oldest sister's daughter
Max (the adorable litte baby) is my mom's baby brother's new baby (my uncle's baby)